canberra forerunners


Canberra School For Prophets began in 2014 following a prophetic word in 2012 which lead me to being trained by Robert Misst (NZ) in his Wings Like Eagles School for Prophets.


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School For Prophets

This is a series to help us find our gender place and gender role in the Kingdom
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Canberra Company of Prophets

CCOP is a company of prophetic people that the Lord established out of a School For Prophets that Robert Misst (NZ) ran in Canberra in 2012-2013. New members are being identified and trained all the time. Our mandate is to rise up to be a genuine Australian prophetic voice to the nation and to our community. Our mode of operation aligns with the restoration of the message from the throne, so that like Jeremiah, we release whatever is on the heart and mind of our King, whether it is appreciated or not by others. As watchmen, we deliver what we receive as we are accountable to do so. Our function is to prophetically speak into the local and national community via prophetic counsel, both as a company and when requested to by community and business leaders outside of the established church. As Elijah-like prophetic people, we have committed ourselves wholeheartedly to our King for him to use us as a force for Kingdom change in Australia.