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Too much of what is believed in Christianity is based on religion passed on from the 2nd & 3rd century apostate church, established in the 4th century Romish church and propagated by Protestantism since the 16th century. As part of our reprogramming as Kingdom citizens we must remove any belief that doesn’t line up with Heaven or is not based on spiritual reality.



Is There a Hell? (LINK)
What is Blasphemy? (LINK)
What is Heresy? (LINK)
What is Salvation? (LINK)
Re-evaluating the Book of Revelation (LINK)

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Hell is regarded as a real place where the unrepentant go after judgement. Hell is an accepted tenet of all branches on the Christian religion. But is this belief based on reality or convention?
(Below is the research that was presented each month – in date order)

“The Challenge” – download 14-6-2018

“Biblical References to `Hell`” – download 1-7-2018

“Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth” – download 5-8-2018

“Separating Sheep & Goats” – download 2-9-2018

“The Rich Man & Lazarus” – download 7-10-2018

“The Different Views of Hell” – download 4-11-2018

“Hellbound? (Movie notes)” – download 4-11-2018

“Hellbound?” – youtube 7-10-2018 (trailer)

“Visitations to Hell” – download 2-12-2018

“What is Heaven Saying About Hell” – download 2-12-2018

“Final Thoughts” – download 2-12-2018

“Summary of What was Discovered” – download 2-12-2018

“Scriptures Not Covered in Hell Investigation” – download 10-12-2018

Books on the different views of Helldownload

Investigation Wrap-upyoutube (Webinar by Mike Parsons)



(Below is the research that was presented each month – in date order)

“Blasphemy Research”– download 4-3-2018

“Blasphemy Research – Going Deeper” – download 4-3-2018

“The Cursing Type of Blasphemy” (Peter Dunnet) – download 6-5-2018

“Blasphemy Research: Summary” – download 6-5-2018

“Blasphemy Research: Conclusion” – download 3-6-2018


WHAT IS Heresy?

(Below is the research that was presented each month – in date order)

“COMMUNITY: Are We Heretics?” – download 26-4-2015

“Some of our heretical friends” – download 26-4-2015

“RECOMMENDATIONS – We Are Not Heretics” – download 28-6-2015



Evangelical churches heavily focus on salvation, so it’s important that we know what that really is. The whole Bible needs to be analyzed for information about ‘salvation’, particularly in relation to the Kingdom and with Preterist eschatology as the backdrop.
(Below is the research that was presented each month – in date order)

“CHALLENGE – Can a Genuine Believer Lose their Salvation?” – download 5-5-2019

★“Can a Genuine Believer Lose their Salvation?” (Frank Viola) – youtube

“What is Salvation-1” – download 2-6-2019

“What is Salvation-2” – download 7-7-2019

★”Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” – youtube

★”Understanding What Jesus Really Did” (Graham Cooke) – youtube[“Ambassadors For Christ”]

★”God isn’t Working on Your Flaws” (Graham Cooke) – youtube

★”Revelation Part 2 – Session 1″ (Brian Simmons) – facebook

“What is Salvation-3” – download 4-8-2019

★”Orphans or Sons? – Performance v Love” (Jack Frost) – youtube

★”Experiencing the Father’s Embrace” (Jack Frost) – youtube

★”The Mother heart of God” (Denise Jordan) – youtube



(Below is the research that was presented each month – in order)

“1-What’s it Really About?” – download 1-9-2019

“2-Putting the Future `to bed`” – download 6-10-2019

See “Glorious Kingdom Eschatology” for full details:  LINK

“3-Unveiling the King” – download 2-2-2020

“4-The Kingdom Perspective” – download 1-3-2020

“5-The Cultural Context” – download 5-4-2020