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As a training research scientist I have an interest in seeing truth promoted by science, not lies and theories. here are some items to help you get behind the façades that people hold up in the name of science.

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Articles listed in reverse date order (newest at the top)

“The Biggest Lie Ever Told – Man-made Global Warming” – download 1-9-2019

“Anthropogenic Climate Change Debunked (again)” – download 2-6-2019

“Debunking UN IPCC Lies” (The New America News) – youtube 2-6-2019

“More on Human-caused Climate Change” – download 3-3-2018

“How the Sun Causes Climate Change” – download 3-2-2018

“How the Sun Causes Climate Change (RESOURCES)” – download 3-2-2018

“SCIENCE: What’s Happening to the Planet These Days?” – download 2-9-2018

“SCIENCE: Update 3-6-2018” – download 3-6-2018

“SCIENCE: What’s happening to the planet these days?” – video 3-6-2018
(“Southern Anomaly is Weakening the Magnetic Field” [0:16-10:10])

“SCIENCE: What’s happening to the planet these days?” – video 6-5-2018
(“Interplanetary Shock Wave Cracks Earth’s Magnetic Field” [0:13-11:20])

“Climate change: Paris Agreement makes too little difference” (Bjorn Lomborg) – read 15-10-2017
(The Australian newspaper – May require subscription to read)

“Bjorn Lomborg – website” – read 15-10-2017

“How Much Have Global Problems Cost the World?” (Bjorn Lomborg) – book 15-10-2017

“Climate Change: The Facts 2017” (IPA) – book 4-6-2017

“Climate Change: The Facts 2017” Summary part 1download 27-9-2017

“Climate Change: The Facts 2017” Summary part 2download 27-9-2017

“Climate Change: The Facts 2017” Summary part 3download 27-9-2017

“Western Climate Change Alarmists…” (Clive James) – read 4-6-2017 [email me]

“SCIENCE: Update May 2017” – download 7-5-2017

“SCIENCE-Planet X: Fact or Fiction?“ – download 2-4-2017

“The Destroyer is coming” (Unleavened Bread) – read 2-4-2017

“SCIENCE: Update March 2017” – download 5-3-2017

“NOAA Scientist Questions Fundamental Climate Change Data” – read (essential reading)

“SCIENCE: Update February 2017” – download 5-2-2017

“SCIENCE: Update 19-6-2016” – download 19-6-2016

“Scientism” – download 18-10-2015