7 Mountain Training Started

7 Mountain Training started on 13th June.

This was a strategy given to the worldwide church in 1979 for the 21st century. It’s time to find out what we’re supposed to be doing, some 35 years later. We’re definitely behind the times.

New Permanent Venue

Canberra Forerunners now has a permanent venue for 2014 for all meetings and training sessions. This venue is Training Room 4 in Unity College’s facility in Belconnen.

Check out the ‘Meetings’ page on this website for full details and maps for location and parking.


NOTE: Canberra Forerunners is using Unity College’s facilities and is NOT an affiliate of the college.

End-Time Forerunner Assemblies in 2014

For 2014 the End-Time Forerunner Assemblies will be meeting on 1st and 3rd Sunday in afternoon until further notice. The venue will be in Belconnen. There will be no meeting in Wanniassa at this stage.

The Purpose of the change from the past 2 years is that out Kingdom Community will begin meeting on Sunday mornings soon. This is the start of our times of gathering together and meeting in the usual ‘church’ slot. It means that most Christians will already have Sunday morning marked for such activities and will not be over;y taxed by such an arrangement.. As time goes on we will meet at addition times during the week for a number of different purposes.

Plan to make yourself available on Sunday mornings if you’d like to join us as we gather to focus on the Lord Jesus in freedom and in a Spirit-led way.

Final Assembly for 2013

Our final End-Time Forerunner Assembly will be in Belconnen on 15th December.

We will be in recess until the first Sunday in February 2014.

I will send out a confirmation email with the commencement date some time in January to announce this.

1st December Change of Venue

Our End-time Forerunner Assembly on Sunday 1st December will NOT be at Trinity Library.

Bob Crockford will run the meeting at his home as I will be in Melbourne at a training course.

TIME: 10-12pm


5 Phillip Ave, Queanbeyan

(Bob & Pam Crockford’s home)

~ last house on the street ~


Apostolic Kingdom Community

From the start of 2014 I will be following the King’s directive and start planning the creation of a Kingdom (AKA ‘Christian’) community based on the apostolic model. This community will be located in Canberra city at this early stage.

The community will function apostolically and will be modelled on the first church as described in the book of Acts and the epistles. This will not be a traditional Christian community based on the current structured, hierarchical church system – it will be free of religion.

By community, I don’t mean a commune or kibbutz, however that may eventuate in the future as an arm of what I’m called to do. By community I mean a group of saints (AKA ‘Christians’) who have Kingdom relationship with each other and who connect and meet as a community just like the first church did.

I look forward to you joining me.


New Venue for 3rd Sunday of the Month Meetings

For the remainder of the year (Oct-Dec 2013) we will now meet on the northside every 3rd Sunday of each month.

ADDRESS: 54 Weedon Close, Belconnen (upstairs above JayCar)…….ample parking opposite

TIME: 2pm-4pm