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These links are to information of importance for Australians as the contents are about their country. We are a sovereign state and it’s under threat from the elite, the Left, environmentalists, socialists, communists, climate-change activists, and post-modernism, just to name few. 

Our nation will be taken over, from right under our noses, if we are passive and allow anything to happen without it being challenged in an appropriate way.

Read these so you know what’s going on here as most of the media keep as much as they can a secret from us because they are part of the take-over machine.


Institute of Public Affairs publications

IPA’s ‘Looking Forward’ podcastsaudio

‘IPA Review’ magazine editionsread 

(Uploaded July 2020)

IPA: “Australia’s Future: 1-Compulsory Super is Creating a Crisis in capitalism” (Tony Abbot) – FaceBook

IPA: “Australia’s Future: 2-The Real Meaning Of The Fair Go” (Tony Abbot) – FaceBook

IPA: “Australia’s Future: 3-What makes the Australian way of life unique and valuable” (Tony Abbot) – FaceBook

IPA: “The Dangers of a Voice in Parliament” (Jacinta Price) – FaceBook


(Uploaded May 2020)

IPA: “The Lockdown Measures Have Little To Do With Public Health” – read


(Uploaded April 2020)

IPA: “Imagine, No Magna Carta” – read

IPA: “Religious Liberty And Its Challenges In Australia Today” – read

IPA: “How Activists Use Red Tape To Stop Development And Jobs” – read

IPA: “The Growth Of Regulation In Australia” – read  [PDF]

IPA: “Evidence Based Policy Research Project” – read  [PDF]
(A report commissioned by the Evidence Based Policy Research Project facilitated by the NewDemocracy Foundation)

IPA: “Beige Reef” – youtube

IPA: “How The Enlightenment Came To Australia” – youtube

IPA: “What I Wasn’t Told About Donald Trump” – youtube

IPA: “Australia Day 2020: What do Australians really think?” – youtube

IPA: “Race Has No Place in the Constitution” – youtube


(Uploaded December 2019)

List of some FREE materials from the IPA website  – download