As a professional teacher since 1974,


The parent’s right to oversee their children’s lives includes their education. This right is enshrined in higher laws than state, territory and national laws. It’s also the responsibility of all parents under the Trinity’s arrangements with their human creation.
As long-time teachers, both my wife and myself have seen (and continue to see) the damage done to each generation by humanistic educators who make up the vast majority of teachers in all spheres of education. Today, it’s worse than it has ever been.
We succeeded in raising our 4 children through secular schooling by overseeing their education and by deprogramming them on a constant basis until they could think accurately for themselves. These days, unfortunately, with both parents working in families , that critical task is being neglected.
This webpage is designed to help, assist and encourage all home-schoolers.


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★SUCCESS STORY: “The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius” – book
(A boy on the Autistic spectrum became a professor at 15 and is working in quantum physics as a 23 year-old. All that because his mother catered to his interests and stopped trying to raise him as a ‘normal’ child or give him specialist intervention to counteract his Autism.)

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(“Enrich young Australians’ experience of History, Civics and Citizenship with these practical classroom resources, developed for Years 6 – 10 students, written and designed to meet the specific requirements of compulsory areas of the National Curriculum.”)

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