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canberra forerunners

This webpage is the storage of prophetic words from others around the world which I have considered suspect and have put ‘on the shelf’ to see how their claims eventuate. I do this because we are to assess and discern everything we are given. And so, the futuristic claims made in the prophecies below are considered questionable and will only be accepted when they are proven to be correct. In the mean time, the persons providing them will also be held as ‘questionable’ until a verdict is made.
NOTE: I do not put up every prophecy given around the world, only those I consider noteworthy.
NOTE: A person considered to be prophetically unreliable will not be shamed on this page, they just won’t appear here. Shaming is not the intent of this webpage.


Communist ĈӇIΠΞSΞ Training Cuban Special Forces – read April 2021

Joe Biden is God’s man in the US – read July 2021

Cure for Cancer – read July 2021

Communist ĈӇIΠΞSΞ Soldiers Training Mexican Military – read August 2021

God can now work with Afghanistan – read August 2021

Australian political leaders to be squeezed – read November 2021

Australian parliament will be shaken – read January 2022

The British royal family will be dealt with – read January 2022