canberra forerunners



 Why not hire a tradie from the community of Kingdom citizens in Canberra and keep the finance flowing among the saints.


Provide a nurturing, safe community for believers who have come out of the church system, as well as new believers in Jesus, so they can be part of the genuine ekklesia and grow to become members of the remnant Bride for the King’s return.


A Kingdom Community on every street, overseen by an apostolic person, where members are discipled and matured spiritually while impacting their city for the Kingdom.

~ Formal Gatherings ~

We meet in people’s homes in Canberra at 10am on a Sunday morning for a couple of hours over morning tea. We share our revelations and experiences and what we have learning during the week. This is followed at 1pm by either Forerunners or a teaching session after lunch together.

~ Activities ~

Members meet each other during the week to commune, do things together, help each other and to talk about what’s happening in the Kingdom.

A number of young men and women are being mentored or fathered.

~ Documentation ~
 (Click a link below to open or download the PDF files)

Our History

How We Operate

How We Are To Duplicate Our Community

How We Are To Impact Our City

How Children Fit Into Our Community

Evaluation of Spoken Words

The Protocol for When We Come Together

Protocols for Community Communication

~ An Apostolic People ~
 (Click a link below to open or download the PDF files)

“Apostolic Summit 2017 – Session 4” (John Kingsley Alley) – video 19-11-2017

“Achieving Apostolic Community” (John Kingsley Alley) – book 19-11-2017 [free]

“Spiritual Fathers and Spiritual Sons” (John Kingsley Alley) – book 19-11-2017 [free]

“Apostolic Focus”download 16-1-2018

“The Apostolic We Need But Don’t Want”download 15-4-2018

“The Apostolic Balance: One Flock and One Shepherd”download 27-5-2018

~ Teaching About Community~
 (Click a link below to open or download the PDF files)

“Fathers Mind on the New Ekklesia” – download 24-1-2021

“Adjusting to Different Community Meetings”download 28-5-2017

“Administrating Controversy”download 28-5-2017

“How to Eradicate Religion from the Ekklesia”download 28-5-2017

“COMMUNITY: Sharing is Giving Thanks”download 15-5-2016

“COMMUNITY: A Spirit of Understanding is Needed”download 15-5-2016

“COMMUNITY: Unity Through Family”download 8-5-2016

COMMUNITY: Oversee Your Revelationdownload 8-5-2016

“COMMUNITY: Children And The Kingdom”download 10-4-2016

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Communitas”download 20-3-2016

“KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Missional Community”download 20-3-2016

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Pertinent Jewish Societal Foundations”download 6-3-2016

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Connected in Openness without Hurting”download 28-2-2016

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Being in Community is an Act of Your Will”download 7-2-2016

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Lessons from 2 Unusual Events”download 7-2-2016

“KINGDOM COMMUNITY: 6 ‘Killer’ Lessons (Frank Viola) – read 7-2-2016

“KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Revisiting Our Origindownload 31-1-2016

“KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Oversight Pledgedownload 31-1-2016

FURPHY: Community comes from the words common & unity”download 27-12-2015

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Some Considerations” – download 20-9-2015

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: The Worth of Each Person and Their Contribution” – download 20-9-2015

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Relationship Not Structure” – download 20-9-2015

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Developmental Notes” – download 16-8-2015

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Family Intimacy” – download 16-8-2015

“The Followers of Jesus Should be in True Community” – download 16-8-2015 (reposted)

“Finding Organic Church” (Frank Viola) – download 16-8-2015 (Sample from

“Organic Community” (Joseph Myers) – download 16-8-2015 (Sample from

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Unconditional Love” – download 28-6-2015

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Expansion Strategy” – download 28-6-2015

RECOMMENDATIONS: We Are Not Heretics” – download 28-6-2015

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Not a Frankenstein Body” – download 17-5-2015

KINGDOM COMMUNITY: The Essence is Christ” – download 17-5-2015

COMMUNITY: Are We Heretics?” – download 26-4-2015

Some of our heretical friends” – download 26-4-2015

KINGDOM: Prosperity Comes from Revelation and Work” – download 19-4-2015

COMMUNITY: Our New Assignment” (Jerin & Jose) – download 19-4-2015

“KINGDOM COMMUNITY: No Offence Taken” – download 5-4-2015

“KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Process, Process, Process” – download 29-3-2015

“KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Accepting Different Theologies” – download 11-1-2015

“KINGDOM COMMUNITY: Not an Add-On” – download 14-12-2014

“KINGDOM COMMUNITY: All Types of Edification” – download 16-11-2014