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These are topics that challenge your belief system. If you are in the church system you will have been fully indoctrinated into the Christian way of thinking. This mindset needs to change so you have a ‘clean slate’ to enable you to be taught by the Spirit of Truth and have a proper understanding of the Kingdom. I know, it’s happened to me after 50 years in the system.

Go on, be brave. Challenge yourself to see how much religion is part of your thinking.

Check out the Investigations webpage for even more challenges. LINK

Items listed in reverse date order (newest at the top)

“CHALLENGE: Revelation Was Written Before 70AD” – download 7-2-2021

CHALLENGE: “Multiculturalism is Designed to Destroy Western Civilization” – download 6-12-2020

CHALLENGE: “The Secret Things Belong to Us” – download 6-12-2020

CHALLENGE: “The Law was Never Meant to be Introduced” – download 1-11-2020

CHALLENGE: “The Woman and Child in Revelation 12 was Understood Astronomically in the 1st Century” – download 6-9-2020

CHALLENGE: “Figures of Speech in the Bible can be Misinterpreted” – download 30-8-2020

CHALLENGE: “Did a third of the Angels Fall with Lucifer” – download 5-7-2020

CHALLENGE: “Do We need a New NT” – download 3-5-2020

“CHALLENGE – Can a Genuine Believer Lose their Salvation?” – download 5-5-2019

     ★“Can a Genuine Believer Lose their Salvation?” (Frank Viola) – youtube 5-5-2019

“CHALLENGE – Did Moses Really Write the Pentateuch” – download 3-3-2018

“CHALLENGE: Is Jesus Really Ruling at the Moment?” – download 7-10-2018

“CHALLENGE: Is the Song of Songs About Jesus and the Church?” – download 2-9-2018

“CHALLENGE – Did God Really Harden Pharaoh’s Heart?” – download 5-8-2018

“CHALLENGE – Could focussing on end-time deception lead us to be deceived” – download 3-6-2018

VFTB 197: The Portent (Dr Michael S. Heiser) – audio 7-1-2018 [35:00-51:35]

“CHALLENGE: Does God Work with Evil?” – download 6-5-2018

“CHALLENGE – Could the Law be due of the Sin of the Watchers” – download 4-2-2018

“Michael Heiser – Reversing Hermon” (SkyWatchTV) – video 4-2-2018

“CHALLENGE: Did Jesus Speak Nonsense?” – download 5-11-2017

“CHALLENGE: Armageddon is not in the Valley of Meggido” – download 1-10-2017

“CHALLENGE: Restoration Includes Everything We Love” – download 6-8-2017

“CHALLENGE: The Trinity is a Recent Concept” – download 2-7-2017

“CHALLENGE: There was no Calvary” – download 7-5-2017

“CHALLENGE: The straight reading of Genesis 1“ – download 2-4-2017

“CHALLENGE: Could the Mark of the Beast be an Attitude” – download 5-3-2017

“CHALLENGE: The Bible has NOT been a Set Number of Books” – download 5-2-2017

“CHALLENGE: The Locusts of Revelation 9” – download 4-12-2016

“CHALLENGE: Is Supporting Israel Today Biblical” – download 2-10-2016

“CHALLENGE: The World Hasn’t Been Gradually Getting Worse!” – download 4-9-2016

“CHALLENGE: God’s Generational Curses Don’t Exist Any More” – download 3-7-2016

“CHALLENGE: The Biblical Story is About the Restoration of Family Business” – download 5-6-2016

“CHALLENGE: Jacob’s Ladder was Like a Ziggurat” – download 15-5-2016

“CHALLENGE: God-likeness Revisited” – download 17-4-2016

“CHALLENGE: God-likeness” – download 20-3-2016

“CHALLENGE: Israel is not Genuine Israel” – download 6-3-2016

“CHALLENGE: The Son’s of God (plural)” – download 21-2-2016

“CHALLENGE: Creation wasn’t Perfect” – download 7-2-2016

“CHALLENGE: Genesis, Adam & Eve” – download 1-11-2015

“CHALLENGE: Is Holy Spirit The Kingdom?” – download 4-10-2015

“CHALLENGE: Can You Make Doctrine Out of Any Scripture?” – download 20-9-2015

“CHALLENGE: Who was the New Covenant Made Between?” – download 2-8-2015

“CHALLENGE: Who is the King of Kings?” – download 19-7-2015