The New Ekklesia

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Father told us that he’s creating a new version of the ekklesia that will do, in partnership with him, what the church hasn’t done for 2,000 years. We call it the “New Ekklesia”, for want of a better term. The critical thing to realise is that the New Ekklesia is not to have any religion or legalism attached to how it functions and what the members believe. Therefore, this new entity is entirely different what we’ve seen and experienced before. The New Ekklesis will simply be sons gathering for the purpose of relationship, fellowship, support, mentoring, discipling, revelation sharing and all kinds of genuine worship, as well as sharing meals together. The focus will be on the King and the leader will be Holy Spirit. This entity will become the genuine Body of Christ (which is organismal, not organisational) and the Bride that our King has been waiting so long for.

This webpage provides the information we have on this topic for the worldwide ekklesia to use as a source of knowledge. We’re not the only ones he’s work with on this, so there’s more information out there which can be accessed.


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FIRST MESSAGEdownload 28-3-2021

“What Father is Looking for in a Local Ekklesia” – download 13-3-2022



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This journal began in 2021 in response to Father’s directive to abandon the way our Kingdom Living Community was running and to move towards his blueprint for this New Era’s type of ekklesia.