Glorious Eschatology

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It’s time to take our mind off the end of the world as we know it because we’ve adopted the Futurist view of biblical prophecy – even if we don’t know it. It’s time to fully comprehend and apprehend the Kingdom of God on Earth in all its glorious facets. We have a function: To rise up and be manifest as the sons of God so that the restoration of all things can continue to be achieved. In the meantime, we ensure that we are totally prepared for the return of the King because we don’t know when he will appear.

We need a glorious eschatology, not a doom & gloom one. That’s Father’s plan for all the peoples of the Earth.


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✻ ✻“Victorious Eschatology” – book (sample e-book)

0-“Unresolved Statements by Jesus & John” – download

1-“Is Matthew 24 About End Times?” – download

2-“Israel was Divorced by Jesus” – download

3-“Kingdom Benefits from the Preterist Position” – download

4-“Kingdom Resource Mismanagement” – download

5-“Is it Really Getting Worse?” – download

6-“Imminent, But Not Now” – download

     “Imminency is Not a Good Focal Theology” – download

     “Human Behavior: Imminency Does Not Generate Urgency” (John Thomas) – read

     “Why One’s View on Imminence Theology Matters” (Alan Kirschner) – audio [7:50-17:00]

7-“Daniel and the 70 Weeks” – download

8-“Vexing Statements in Revelation” – download

9-“Dispensationalism: The Heresy that Caused the Defeat of the Western Church” – download

“Dispensationalism: The Heresy that Caused the Defeat of the Western Church” (John Alley) – video

10-“Deciphering the Book of Revelation” – download

“The Art of Revelation” (Jonathan Welton) – book

11-“Armageddon is not in the Valley of Meggido” – download

12-“A Historist View of Revelation” – download

13-“The Background to Revelation” – download

14-“The Astronomical Understanding of Woman & Child” – download

15-“A Preterist View of Revelation” – download




“FULFILLED PROPHECY: The AD70 Destruction of Jerusalem” (John Alley) – youtube

“Revelation: Dawn of This Age” (Leo De Siqueira) – book

“Revelation: Dawn of This Age” – download [Additional Information]

“Victorious Eschatology (session 1)” (Leo De Siqueira) – youtube

“Victorious Eschatology (session 2)” (Leo De Siqueira) – youtube