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→ “A Spiritual Audit for Apostolic Leaders” download



The following documents are from Apostolic Leadership Group post-course training (2016 on)

“The Apostolic Balance: One Flock and One Shepherd” – download 27-5-2018

Brilliant Leadership – part 1 (Graham Cooke) – video 16-11-2017

“Brilliant Leadership – part 2 (Graham Cooke) – video 16-11-2017

The Recovery Of The Apostolic Gospel” (Terry Bennett) – video 26-10-2017
2013 Streams Ministries – Terry Bennett & John Paul Jackson – FloTX022013” [3:45→END]

“Apostolic Summit 2017 – Session 4” (John Alley) – video 12-10-2017

“Where is the Apostolic Revelation Heading” – download 12-10-2017 [notes from John’s video]

“1-You’ve never heard this about the 5-fold” (Jonathan Welton) – video 28-9-2017

“2-You’ve never heard this about ‘equipping the saints’” (Jonathan Welton) – video 28-9-2017

“3-Apostolic Hierarchy” (Jonathan Welton) – video 28-9-2017

“4-Apostles and Politics” (Jonathan Welton) – video 28-9-2017

Mentoring the Next Generation” – download 21-9-2017

“Kingdom Legacy” (Myles Munroe) – video 21-9-2017
(“The Prophetic, Apostolic Message by Dr. Myles Munroe @ World Conference 2014” [9:00-1:2:30])

“Great Leaders Build Great Teams – part2” (Jonathan Welton) – read 7-9-2017

“Great Leaders Build Great Teams – part1” (Jonathan Welton) – read 7-9-2017

“Catch and Release” (Steve Graves) – read 31-8-2017

“Real Leaders Confront!” (Jonathan Welton) – read 24-8-2017

“Understanding How God Works” (WFT) – read 17-8-2017

“What’s Your Clout Category?” (Steve Graves) – read 17-8-2017

“Apostolic Runners Will Bring the Prophetic Full Circle” (Charisma) – read 17-8-2017

Meeting The Apostolic” – download 6-7-2017

“The Apostolic and Kingdom Processes” – download 22-6-2017

“The Essential Apostolic Building Mandate” – download 15-6-2017

“The Sword of Elisha” (Charlie Shamp)” – audio  8-6-2017
(You’ll need a FaceBook account to access it)    [only 10:37-53:17]

Pusillanimous No Moredownload 18-5-2017

Don’t Discount the Ordinarydownload 18-5-2017

Employee Selection for Kingdom Businessesdownload 11-5-2017

“Being Apostolic Peopledownload 4-5-2017

Apostolic Surrenderdownload 20-4-2017

Flip the Switch”download 13-4-2017

The Principles of Vision and Change in Leadershipbook 6-4-2017

Exploring New Territory in Sonshipdownload 30-3-2017

When to Speak and When not to Speakdownload 30-3-2017

Outside the Religious Systemdownload 30-3-2017

Administrate Interpersonal Tensiondownload 16-3-2017

God’s Only Interested in His Plansdownload 16-3-2017

What Destroys the Apostolic?download 2-3-2017

Putting Work in the Right Perspectivedownload 2-3-2017

Generosity of Characterdownload 24-2-2017

Leadership Who Develop Leaders” (Wayne Mullens)download 16-2-2017

The Ministry of Confrontation” (Terry Bennett)download 9-2-2017

Apostolic Restoration” (Terry Bennett)download 2-2-2017

We Must Be Revelatorydownload 30-11-2016

Raising Up the Next Leadersdownload 24-11-2016

Encouragement to Flourish in Leadershipdownload 17-11-2016

3 Reasons Why First Impressions Matterdownload 15-9-2016

How to Survive a Crisisdownload 15-9-2016

“Maybe Faith Isn’t What We Thought It Was” (Viola) – read 15-9-2016

Secrets of Success – The Gift of Communitydownload 8-9-2016

Manage Your Relationships the Kingdom Way – part 1” (Jose Henriquez)download 18-8-2016

Secrets of Success – Entrepreneurshipdownload 4-8-2016

ADAPTATION is the Golden Key to the World of Favour” (Jose Henriquez)download 26-7-2016

Secrets of Success – The Culturedownload 21-7-2016

Secrets of Success – The Giftsdownload 30-6-2016


The following documents contain teaching from Myles Munroe’s book “The Power of Character in Leadership”

“1-Contemporary Leadership and the Crisis of Character”download 9-2-2017

“2-Leadership Is Central in Our World”download 9-2-2017

3-Leadership is the Keydownload 16-2-2017

4-Our Psyche of Distrustdownload 16-2-2017

5-What happened to Character in Leadershipdownload 16-2-2017

6-The Future of Leadershipdownload 24-2-2017

“7-The Greatest Obstacle to Leadership Successdownload 24-2-2017

8-What Kind of Characterdownload 16-3-2017

9-Your Personal Security Systemdownload 13-4-2017

10-Easier Kept than Recovereddownload 20-4-2017

“11-The Priority of Character” – download 24-8-2017


The following documents contain teaching from Les Carter’s book “Imperative people”

“1-Do You Need to be in Control” – download 14-9-2017

“2-Your Imperative Check-list” – download 14-9-2017

“3-Struggling with Imperative Thinking” – download 28-9-2017

“4-Imperative Legalism” – download 28-9-2017


The Mantle of Josephdownload 9-6-2016

How do You Know if You Have an Apostolic Mantledownload 5-6-2016

Characteristics of Elders and Overseersdownload 26-5-2016

Characteristics of False Shepherds and False Teachersdownload 24-5-2016

APOSTLES: Kingdom Generalsdownload 15-5-2016

Were Andronicus and Junia apostlesdownload 9-12-2015

A Company of Josephsdownload 15-10-2015

APOSTOLIC LEADERSHIP: Current Points of Understandingdownload 29-9-2015

Nothing’s Happening – So What’s Going Ondownload 16-9-2015

If it dies when you die, you are a failuredownload 8-8-2015

An Attack Against Front-line Leaders and Forerunnersdownload 8-8-2015

Handling Spiritual Changedownload 28-7-2015

When Leaders Fall, Everyone Suffersdownload 28-7-2015

Theological Discussions can be a Big Waste of Timedownload 28-7-2015

Who’s Advising You?download 24-7-2015

Suffering and It’s Role in Leadership Developmentdownload 10-7-2015

The War on Mendownload 10-7-2015

Seven powerful things about the steward leaderdownload 3-7-2015

Be Unflaggingdownload 20-6-2015

Look Beyond a Sphere of Influencedownload 20-6-2015

APOSTOLIC LEADERSHIP: Crushed but not Destroyeddownload 17-6-2015

Apostolic Character – Not Anti-Authoritydownload 12-6-2015

Apostolic Character – Integritydownload 12-6-2015

This is NOT an Apostolic Movementdownload 29-5-2015

Holistic Stewardshipdownload 24-5-2015

“APOSTOLIC: Being a Force for Changedownload 24-5-2015

Kingdom Leadership Factorsdownload 10-5-2015

Facts About Apostlesdownload 24-4-2015

The Chiselling of Goddownload 24-4-2015

Don’t Stick with the Packdownload 24-4-2015

Legalism – I’m Okay, You’re Notdownload 7-4-2015

Being Misrepresented as Leadersdownload 24-3-2015

The Leadership Principle and the Power of Mentoring and Successiondownload 27-2-2015

True End-Time Shepherdsdownload 13-2-2015

The Cycles Of Repentance (Ian Clayton)download 13-2-2015

APOSTOLIC – Your Problem-Solving Life Assignmentdownload 30-12-2014

MENTORING: The Uncommon Mentordownload 10-12-2014

MENTORING: The Uncommon protégédownload 9-12-2014

Apostolic – Strategy and Warfaredownload 4-12-2014

Apostolic – Setting Everything in Orderdownload 4-12-2014

Some Characteristics of Kingdom Leadersdownload 20-11-2014

Kingdom Leadership Requires the Heart of a Kingdownload 9-112014

Spiritual Fathers Must Sire Others to Followdownload 7-11-2014

” ‘How’ and ‘When’ download 30-10-2014

The Apostle – A Spiritual Perspectivedownload 1-9-2014

The Current Themes of the King for His Churchdownload 23-8-2014