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We are NOW in the New Covenant. It is completely here. All we have to do is accept it and enter into everything that is available to us as Father’s sons. Nothing within this covenant with Father is withheld from us. It’s our theology and the influence of the religious spirit which causes us to be 3rd or 4th rate New Covenant members. Our main hindrance other than religious side-effects is the Futurist view of End Times. This view keeps us bound in the past, waiting for our release when Jesus returns. It’s time to come out of the Old Covenant completely.

(See my series “Victorious Kingdom Eschatology” if you’d like to be released from the bondage of the Futurist view of eschatology. It’s here:  LINK)


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This is a series to bring us totally out of legalism, the OC and releases us as New Covenant citizens

“Teaching Series – Topics” – download (list)

“1-How to Identify Legalism” – download (notes)

“Twelve Signs You Are a Modern-Day Pharisee” – read (essential background)

“2-Putting the Finger on Iniquity” – download (notes)

“3-The Supa Mareo Process of Spiritual Development” – download (diagram)

“3-The Supa Mareo Process of Spiritual Development” – download (notes)

“The Goal is Genuine Sonship” – download (important  additional revelation)

“The New Jerusalem Life” – download (essential background to Supa Mareo diagram)

“The Maturity Factor” – download (essential background to Supa Mareo diagram)

“4-What is a Covenant?” (Overview) – download (notes)

“4-What is a Covenant?” (Overview) – download (slideshow)

“5-Comparison of Old and New Covenant” – download (notes)

“Is the New Covenant made between God and Us?” – download (essential background)

“6-Types and Shadows” – download (notes)

“7-The Tabernacle: A Shadow of Heaven” – download (notes)

“8-Biblical Shadows Revealed” – download (notes)

“Biblical Shadows Revealed – tickbox” – download (notes)

“9-Sabbath – Resting in Him” – download (notes)

“10-Legalism – Living from the Tree of Knowledge” – download (notes)

“There were Two Trees in the Garden” (Rick Joyner) – book (free e-book sample)

“There were Two Trees in the Garden” ( – download (other notes)

“11-The Two Covenants” – download (notes)

“The Two Covenants” (Andrew Murray) – book (free e-book)

“12-Extravagant Giving: Not Tithing” – download (notes)

“13-What about Firstfruits?” – download (notes)

“14-Did You Have a Holy Christmas?” – download (notes)

“15-The Law and the New Covenant” – download (notes)

“16-Jesus’ Commandments” – download (notes)

“The 55 Commandments of Jesus Christ” – download

“17-Resurgence of Judaism in the Church” – download

“DEBATE: Is Replacement Theology Anti Semitic?” (Moody Radio) – audio

“18-What does ‘Holy’ Mean” – download (notes)

“19-Living Out of Old Covenant Theology – An Example” – download (notes)

“20-Vows and Covenants are Killer Legalism – An Example” – download (notes)

“21-Freedom to Remain in Religion and Legalism” – download (notes)

“22-The Law of Liberty” – download (notes)

“23-Come out of Bondage” – download (notes)

“24-Signs of a Modern-day Pharisee” – download (notes)

“25-The Substitutes for Reality” – download (notes)

“26-New Covenant Spiritual Warfare” – download (notes)

“27-The Fear of the Lord from a Kingdom Perspective” – download  (notes)

“28-No Legal Fences Are Required” – download  (notes)

“29-So You Think You’re Not Legalistic?” – download  (notes)

“30-There is a Difference Between Covenant and Promise” – download  (notes)