Restoration Of All Things

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The central plan of the Kingdom has always been the elimination of all the effects of The Fall. Firstly, Jesus brought the Kingdom of Heaven back to Earth through his sacrificial death and resurrection. He did this because he paid the price to buy us back from Satan who owned us. This slavery transaction happened at The Fall when humanity transferred their allegiance as Father’s sons to being the slaves of Satan. Father now works through his spiritually reborn sons, when they partner with his Son (the King), to expand his Kingdom so that it fills the whole Earth. As the Kingdom expands, sons who align with Heaven will change and begin to impact the natural ream. This will eventually bring about the restoration of everything in the cosmos, so that it’s back where it was at creation. Everything negative that happened at The Fall will have been eliminated.


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Mike Parsons’ 2nd book
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My impression of ‘The Restoration of All Things’ in action