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This webpage demonstrates how different translations of NT passages completely changes what they mean to us in the 21st century. This shows that making doctrines from scripture is fraught with danger for those who dogmatically believe the meanings their group adheres to them.
The articles also show how the formation of thousands of denominations and Christian ‘cults’ around the world demonstrate the futility of totally following Bible-based doctrines.
The reality of what we need to believe only comes from the Creator himself. He’s the author of all spiritual reality (AKA truth) because he created everything. That’s why everything we believe must be backed up by what he confirms to our spirit. The only way this can occur is if we have the normal ability of sons to hear with our spirit what the Spirit is saying

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Documents are in reverse date order (newest at the top)

“A Different Take On: God Hides His Face From Us Because Of Sin” – download 30-4-2023

“A Different Take On: The Kingdom is Taken by Force” – download 23-4-2023

“A Different Take On: Sanctification at the Return of Jesus” – download 16-4-2023

“A Different Take On: Asking in the Name of Jesus” – download 5-3-2023

“A Different Take On: The Lord’s Prayer” – download 5-2-2023

“A Different Take On: The Second Coming, The Judgement and The Resurrection” – download 1-1-2023

“A Different Take On: Grafted into Israel” – download 4-12-2022

“A Different Take On: Israel’s Everlasting Covenant” – download 4-12-2022

“A Different Take On: Holiness is a Process” – download 4-12-2022

     “Spirit, Soul, Body: Revisited” (John Crowder) – youtube 4-12-2022

“A Different Take On: ‘Build yourselves up in your most holy faith‘” – download 27-11-2022

“A Different Take On: When 2 or 3 Gather” – download 20-11-2022

“A Different Take On: Being Born Again” – download 20-11-2022

“A Different Take On: ‘None should perish’” – download 13-11-2022

“A Different Take On: King Nebuchadnezzar’s Fiery Furnace” – download 6-11-2022

“A Different Take On: What Worship is Meant to Be” – download 23-10-2022

“A Different Take On: The Coming of the Lord Jesus” – download 16-10-2022

“A Different Take On: ‘Have faith in God'” – download 16-10-2022

“A Different Take On: What Our Testimony Is” – download 9-10-2022

“A Different Take On: ‘The God of peace will shortly crush Satan under your feet'” – download 11-9-2022

“A Different Take On: ‘The Powers of the Age to Come'” – download 28-8-2022

“A Different Take On: ‘Fight the Good Fight'” – download 28-8-2022

“A Different Take On: What Righteousness Is” – download 17-7-2022

“A Different Take On: Heaven” – download 8-5-2022 

“A Different Take On: the Return of the King” – download 8-5-2022 

“A Different Take On: Being Spirit Led” – download 31-1-2021

“A Different Take On: The Body and the Blood” – download 2-8-2020

“A Different Take On: The Parable of the Prodigal Son” – download  26-4-2020