My Prophetic Journal

canberra forerunners
The following documents contain what I received from King Jesus or Father in my morning times with them from 2013 to 2019. This was the period of time they personally taught me from their heart about myself and about their plans.
In 2012, when my King took me out of the church system, he told me that he would be my oversight. Since then he has been that for me, as well as my teacher, my confidant and my Beloved.
One of the prime things you’ll notice as your read what I was taught is how much reprogramming needed to occur in my thinking so I could align with their mind in preparation for what I am to do.

I share with you these instructions that I received in my spirit so you can see how the Trinity want to love and train us as sons so we move successfully along their journey into maturity.

1-“Positioned To Be Trained” – download 17-2-2013

2-“Refresh and Enliven” – download 18-2-2013

3-“Be Prepared For Action” – download 6-3-2013

4-“It is All About Him, Not About Me” – download 7-3-2013

5-“Time to Enter into Leadership” – download 21-3-2013

6a-“Connect Like a Piece in a Jigsaw Puzzle” – download 25-3-2013

6b-“No Regrets, No Looking Back” – download 25-3-2013

7-“Joined At The Hip” – download 25-4-2013

8-“Oneness is Essential” – download 26-4-2013

9-“Now is Just as Important as the Future” – download 9-5-2013

10-“Time to Get Serious” – download 11-6-2013

11-“Nothing But Net” – download 20-6-2013

12a-“It’s All For Now” – download 6-8-2013

12b-“Time for the Manifestation of the Sons of God” – download 6-8-2013