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Personal Journal
New Ekklesia Journal

The following documents contain what I received from King Jesus or Father in my morning times with them from 2013 onwards. This has been the period of time they personally taught me from their heart about myself and about their plans.
In 2012, when my King took me out of the church system, he told me that he would be my oversight. Since then he has been that for me, as well as my teacher, my confidant and my Beloved.
One of the prime things you’ll notice as your read what I was taught is how much reprogramming needed to occur in my thinking so I could align with their mind in preparation for what I am to do.

I share with you these instructions that I received in my spirit so you can see how the Trinity want to love and train us as sons so we move successfully along their journey into maturity.
I’ll upload each one as I receive them.


1-“Positioned To Be Trained” – download 17-2-2013

2-“Refresh and Enliven” – download 18-2-2013

3-“Be Prepared For Action” – download 6-3-2013

4-“It is All About Him, Not About Me” – download 7-3-2013

5-“Time to Enter into Leadership” – download 21-3-2013

6a-“Connect Like a Piece in a Jigsaw Puzzle” – download 25-3-2013

6b-“No Regrets, No Looking Back” – download 25-3-2013

7-“Joined At The Hip” – download 25-4-2013

8-“Oneness is Essential” – download 26-4-2013

9-“Now is Just as Important as the Future” – download 9-5-2013

10-“Time to Get Serious” – download 11-6-2013

11-“Nothing But Net” – download 20-6-2013

12a-“It’s All For Now” – download 6-8-2013

12b-“Time for the Manifestation of the Sons of God” – download 6-8-2013

13-“Testing Time” – download 17-9-2013

14-“Waiting is a Good Thing to do” – download 26-9-2013

15-“A Time of Strong Personal Change” – download 21-10-2013

16-“‘Toe The Line’ & Relax” – download 9-11-2013

17-“‘Great Plans Are Afoot” – download 21-11-2013

18-“Joined at the Hip” – download 1-12-2013

19a-“Be Industrious” – download 13-12-2013

19b-“Learn to Relax More” – download 13-12-2013

20-“Press DELETE and Move Forward” – download 27-12-2013

21a-“No Faith – No Entry” – download 13-1-2014

21b-“Teach Others All I Show You” – download 13-1-2014

“22a-Independence is an Impediment” – download 26-1-2014

“22b-Always Kingdom First” – download 26-1-2014

“23a-You Are a King to Your Family” – download 4-2-2014

“23b-Don’t Look Back” – download 4-2-2014

“24a-Fear is a Killer” – download 7-3-2014

“24b-Operate in Excellence” – download 7-3-2014

“25-No Divided Heart” – download 16-4-2014

“26a-There are Consequences for Everything” – download 26-5-2014

“26b-Things Are Escalating, Moving Forward Quickly” – download 26-5-2014

“27-Prepare for Persecution” – download 20-6-2014

“28-Don’t Give Religion a Foothold” – download 14-8-2014

“29a-Become One with Me” – download 22-9-2014

“29b-Be Prepared” – download 22-9-2014″

“30a-Loosen Up. Relax More. Enjoy the Ride” – download 17-10-2014

“30b-‘How?’ is Critical” – download 17-10-2014

“31-The Beginning is the End and the End is the Beginning” – download 3-11-2014

“32-Cuddle Up and Be Refreshed” – download 3-12-2014

“33a-It is All About The Heart” – download 24-3-2015

“33b-See Me As Your Prototype” – download 24-3-2015

“34-Are You Willing to Speak For Me?” – download 17-8-2015

“35-Religion and Legalism Must Go” – download 4-2-2016

“36a-It is too late to dilly-dally” – download 9-2-2016

“36b-This is a Pivotal Time That Will Change the States of Nations” – download 9-2-2016

“37-Always See Me in Charge, Not the Enemy” – download 2-3-2016

“38-All I am Wanting is Compliance” – download 16-12-2016

“39-We Are One” – download 28-5-2017

“40-Give Yourself to Others in Vulnerability” – download 25-10-2017

“41-Change is Essential do not Resist it” – download 17-1-2018

“42a-Knock Fear on the Head” – download 25-2-2018

“42b-Australia, There’s a Lot to Go Through Yet” – download 25-2-2018

“43-Don’t Expect an Easy Way Out” – download 19-4-2018

“44-Some Want to Eliminate You” – download 10-8-2018

“45-Focus on What’s Important” – download 16-8-2018

“46-Stressing Counteracts What I’m Doing” – download 27-8-2018

“47-I’m My Own Worst Enemy” – download 4-9-2018

“48-Not a Puppet” – download 5-10-2018

“49-Don’t Overlook Spiritual Sight” – download 29-11-2018

“50a-There’s More Freedom” – download 27-3-2019

“50b-No Longer. No More.” – download 27-3-2019

“51-I’m Confident in You” – download 23-7-2021

“52-Pressure is Building” – download 1-9-2021

“53-Tenacity and Determination” – download 10-9-2021

“54-Yield More Fully and Freely to Transformation Processes” – download 5-11-2021

“55-Keep the Mind and Soul in Check” – download 16-2-2022

“56-A Lot of House-Keeping” – download 24-3-2022

“57-Rolling Back the Effects of The Fall” – download 2-6-2022

“58-Be a ‘Glass Half Full'” – download 1-12-2022


That’s been the process Father is taking me through to learn to hear accurately with my spirit, to impart spiritual knowledge into my spirit and to allow me to understand that I was in a partnership with  him.
In more recent times, what I have received in my spirit can be found on my prophetic webpage, and anonymously in CCOP messages
More can be located inside my teaching articles and in my archived teaching articles.

NOTE: I have also extracted the information that I’ve received in my spirit since 2012 and written them up for the interest of others. These can be found on my webpage entitled The Word. They are the rhema words I’ve received, which is the way sons receive knowledge in the Kingdom.




This journal began in 2021 in response to Father’s directive to abandon the way our Kingdom Living Community was running and to move towards his blueprint for this New Era’s type of ekklesia.

A peek into the future of the ekklesia:  youtube 

JOURNAL ENTRY: 28-3-2021 – download 

PROPHETIC MESSAGE – The New Ekklesia: 17-10-2022 – download