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The Need Among Believers of Affirming the Importance of Personal
spirit-to-Spirit Communication with the Trinity


VIDEO: “The Place of Contemporary Revelatory Experiences in Pentecostal Theology”
by Tania Harris


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NOTE: Most of my prophetic messages are published anonymously each month on the CCOP webpage:  HERE

“Our Responsibility in the Middle East” 20-10-2023 – download  

“What Really is Important?” 15-8-2023″ – download  

Hebrew Things are Irrelevant for Us” 16-6-2023 – download

Leave the Past in the Past” 22-4-2023 – download

“Handling Opposition to Prophecy” 15-3-2023 – download

“We’re Going to Fix the Mess We Made” 8-1-2023 – download

“Father’s Mind on Tongues” 22-7-2022 – download

“No Longer. No More. (2019)” 21-8-2021 – download
 (This prophetic word was received in March 2019, but was only published in 2021)

“Having Dominion Right Now”: 25-3-2021 – download

“Be Prepared (2014)”: 3-3-2021 – download
(This prophetic word was received in September 2014, but was only published in 2021)

“Shake, Rattle and Roll”: 6-1-2021 – download

“The Wrath of God Wrongly Perceived”: 13-10-2020 – download

RE-POSTING: “Wake-up Call”: 9-3-2008 – download
(The ‘call to arms’ I heard in 2008 is now a reality)

“Strong Leadership Will Be Required in the Future”: 16-2-2020 – download

“The Critical Importance of Sonship in this Era of the Kingdom”: 27-3-2019 – download

“Living as a New Species”: 11-11-2018 – download

“The Restoration of Families”: 21-7-2018 – download

“Australia, There’s a Lot to Go Through Yet”: 25-2-2018 – download

“The Impact of Christians Observing Jewish Feasts: 26-3-2017 – download

“A Change in Attitude Towards Revival: 4-2-2017 – download

“Kingdom End-Time Shock Troops: 3-2-2017 – download

Critical Times“: 16-12-2016 – download

The Separated Company“: 26-11-2016 – download

My Beloved Nation“: 11-4-2016 – download

Cease Being Fussy About Your Food“: 15-3-2016 – download

Where are We in the Last Days“: 16-3-2016 – download

My Ways Are Not Strange“: 2-3-2016 – download

This is a Critical Time“: 9-2-2016 – download

Like a Clap of Thunder“: 22-9-2014 – download

Don’t Look Back“: 6-8-2013 – download

The Natural Only Movement“: 27-6-2013 – download

Nothing But Net“: 20-6-2013 – download

Defiance of the Church is Stalling the Lord’s Return“: 2013 – download  [graphic]

Wake-up Call“: 9-3-2008 – download