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We’re in the King’s army as spiritual soldiers. We aren’t Christians, we’re sons. As sons, we’re automatically in Heaven’s army on Earth because we’re reborn into a war zone. The war is for the control of Earth between the Kingdom Of God and the Kingdom of Darkness, Satan’s kingdom. Satan was given control of the Earth by Adam at The Fall, but Jesus purchased it back with his death and resurrection.
Our task as sons is to reclaim the entirety of creation for our King (Jesus) because we are now back where Adam was as kings of the planet. Our Creator created us to be his representatives on Earth, not just ambassadors, but vice regents, ruling in his place. Today, he rules from Heaven through us onto the Earth, but only if we let him.
This webpage is designed to provide spiritual military material to instruct you as you are trained for the battles ahead of us.


MESSAGE: “My 2014 War Briefing” – download 11-4-2021

“Preparing for the Great Christian Civil War” – download 9-8-2020

“Civil War is Coming to the Church” – download 2-11-2017

“Civil War Coming to the Church in America” (Neville Johnson) – download 2-11-2017

 MESSAGE: “Civil War is Coming on the Body of Christ” (Neville Johnson) – youtube 26-9-2017


“The Final Quest Trilogy” (Rick Joyner) – book

“Visions From Heaven” (Wendy Alec) – book




The following documents are in reverse date order

“Spiritual Warfare and the Principles of War” – download 12-6-2022

“Warfare the Kingdom Way” – download 6-12-2020

“A Mantel Of Heaven’s Supernatural Peace Of Calm Authority For The Battle” (Ron McGatlin) – download 27-9-2020

“Prisoners of War” – download 13-9-2020

“How We Are Seen Spiritually” – download 9-8-2020

“The Deviation of Last Days Evangelists” – download 30-8-2020

“Camaraderie is Vital” – download 13-8-2020

“Calm Under Fire” – download 13-8-2020

“Soldiers Receive Communication from their Commanding Officer” – download 10-8-2020

“Spiritual Warfare is Really Boots on the Ground” – download 15-9-2019

     “Spiritual Warfare is Really Boots on the Ground” (Michael Heiser) – audio 15-9-2019 [16:22-39:15]
            (‘Insurgence podcast #30’ by Frank Viola)

“This is All Warfare” – graphic 6-5-2018 (graphic)

MESSAGE: “The King’s Shock-troops” (CCOP) – download 6-8-2020

MESSAGE: “Kingdom End-Time Shock Troops”  – download 3-2-2017