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There’s a great deal the religious system has taught us, but there’s much they haven’t. This page is to challenge your thinking — to think differently and to think ‘outside of the box’.

Items listed in reverse date order (newest at the top)

DID YOU KNOW: “Bible Prophesies Need to Be Applied to the Right People Group” – download 2-5-2021

DID YOU KNOW: “OT Motifs Produced Important Hebrew Idioms” – download 3-1-2021

DID YOU KNOW: “ALL Writing Needs to be Interpreted” – download 6-12-2020

DID YOU KNOW: “The Tower of Babel was a Ziggurat” – download 4-10-2020

DID YOU KNOW: “Mt Sinai is Not Where You Were Told it Was” – download 6-9-2020

DID YOU KNOW: “Aramaic was the Primary Language of Jesus & the Jews” – download 5-7-2020

DID YOU KNOW: “The Kingdom of Israel was Repopulated by Foreigners” – download 3-5-2020

DID YOU KNOW: “We Will be Judged by the King’s Standard Not Our Own” – download 3-5-2020

“DID YOU KNOW: Abraham wasn’t told by God to go to Canaan” – download 1-3-2020

“DID YOU KNOW: The OT is a Relatively Recent Compendium” – download 1-9-2019

“DID YOU KNOW: Jesus ‘The Word’ was code which the Jews understood” – download 7-10-2018

“DID YOU KNOW: Babylon, Babel and Nimrod are Not What You Think” – download 2-9-2018

“DID YOU KNOW: Lot of History is Hidden from Us” – download 1-7-2018

“DID YOU KNOW: ‘I am’ and Yahweh Mean the Same Thing?” – download 3-6-2018

“DID YOU KNOW: It’s the “Gates of Hell” that are Attacked by the Church” – download 4-2-2018

“DID YOU KNOW: Dispensationalism is Dangerous” – download 7-1-2018

“Dispensationalism – the Heresy that Caused the Current Cultural Defeat of the Western Church” (Alley) – video 7-1-2018

“DID-YOU-KNOW: The ‘Great Tribulation’ Cannot be God’s Wrath” – download 3-12-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: The Iniquity of the Amorites is Known” – download 1-10-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: Some Way-out Doctrines are Based on the Bible” – download 6-8-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: The Canaanite Gods were Real” – download 2-7-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: Egyptian First-born Deaths Predicted” – download 7-5-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: The Babel Story is Taught Wrongly“ – download 2-4-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: The Person of the AntiChrist has Come & Gone” – download 5-3-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: Binding & Loosing is about Making Rules” – download 5-2-2017

“Binding and Loosing 1st Century Style” (Israel Study Center) – video 5-2-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: Armageddon means ‘The Mountain of Invasion'” – download 4-12-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: The 4th horse of the Apocalypse is green” – download 6-11-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: Mary Magdalene was never a prostitute” – download 2-10-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: The Ancient Gods Were Deified People” – download 19-6-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: Righteousness Doesn’t Exalt a Nation” – download 7-8-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: Baptism is a Loyalty Oath” – download 5-6-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: Some Ancient Israeli Facts” – download 15-5-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: The Bible & Non-Canon Books” – download 17-4-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: Some Ancient Historical Facts?” – download 3-4-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: Little Known Bible Facts” – download 6-3-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: There’s a Numerically Checked Bible?” – download 21-2-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: There’s a Lost Century?” – download 21-2-2016

*“The Lost Century” (Trumpet) – video 21-2-2016