Changing Our Thinking

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The most important thing that has to happen once we get a revelation of the Kingdom, is to have our thinking changed. That’s because the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth has nothing to do with the world system or with religion.
Effectively, that means that those who have been in religion need to be deprogrammed and reprogrammed so that all religious (even Christian) thinking is eliminated. Without that mind ‘washing’ and eventual mind-change, the knowledge of the Kingdom will be in mixture, and that causes spiritual growth and development to be stifled.
Along with that, our cultural thinking has to change. We’ve lived in our nation all our lives, so society’s way of thinking, as well as our sub-culture’s way of thinking, has become normal and natural for us. However, the Kingdom is not part of the world system and its language, protocols, modes of operation, etc. are completely different.
Changing both these areas of thinking will be very difficult for everyone, so a great deal of help in changing our mindsets is needed.

This webpage has copies of my teaching and the teaching of others to help with the process of transition into complete Kingdom thinking. Without that, our King will not be able to effectively use us, as he moves the whole cosmos into The Restoration of All Things. A necessary part of his plan is for sons to manifest their glory, just as they were created to do. However, incorrect thinking will prevent us from allowing him to bring that about in us.

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Files are in reverse date order (newest at the top)

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“The Kingdom Global Shift” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 25-3-2023
(FILE TITLE: “Global Shift”) 

“The Kingdom’s Elimination of Materialism” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 25-3-2023
(FILE TITLE: “Materialism – Discovering Identity”)

“Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 25-3-2023

“No 10 Commandments or Laws to Follow in the Kingdom” – download 19-3-2023 

“We need to change” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 26-2-2023

MESSAGE: “The Reality of the New Covenant” – download 22-2-2023

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“Be Righteous” – download 29-1-2023

“The Kingdom Way of Dealing With Your Stuff” – download 22-1-2023

REVELATION: “We’re Going to Fix the Mess We Made” – download 8-1-2023

“Keep Free of Unhealthy Thoughts and Emotions” – download 8-1-2023

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“The Provisions of the Kingdom Should Not Be Merchandised” – download 11-12-2022

“A Kingdom View of Change-Makers” – download 20-11-2022

“Who Said God Can’t Look At Sin” – download 1-11-2020

“The Gospel in Chairs” (Brad Jersak) – youtube 4-10-2020

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     “RETHINK: The Gospel of Works” (Influent) – youtube 10-2-2019

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“Quiet Time is Unbiblical” – download 18-3-2018

     “Rethinking ‘quiet time’” (Frank Viola) – read  18-3-2018

“Rethinking Glory and Faith” – download 23-2-2015