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COPYRIGHT: All Canberra Forerunner documents written by me are free to copy, republish and distribute. They are all licensed under
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“Becoming a Kingdom Seer” (Peter Kumar) – download

“30 Descriptions of Jesus” (Mike Bickle) – download

“Why Study the Descriptions of Jesus in Revelation” (Mike Bickle)  – download

“Champion of the World” – EXTRACT (ABC) – download

“Time is Short” (Suzanne Pillans) – download

“The High Cost of Maintaining Your Identity” (Clay Sikes) – download

“The Princely Anointing” (Morris E. Ruddick) – download

“The Leadership Measure” (Morris E. Ruddick) – download

“The Leadership Maturity Key” (Morris E. Ruddick)- download

“Misguided Tongues” (Morris E. Ruddick) – download

“High-Calling Realities” (Morris E. Ruddick) – download

“The Gospel of the Kingdom: What is it?” (Peter Dunnet) – download

“The Game of Thrones” (Peter Dunnet) – download

 “The Rider is Coming” (Peter Dunnet) – download

 “The Return of the King: Vol1-1” (Peter Dunnet) – download