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The following documents contain the teaching delivered in past Forerunner Assemblies.
Listed in reverse date order (newest at the top)

“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom” April  2024 – download 5-5-2024

“We’re Expected to Learn from Difficult Times” – download 5-5-2024

“Check if You are Really Free of Legalism” – download 5-5-2024

“Creation is Waiting” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“Embracing what God intended” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“Embracing Restoration: The Finished Work of Jesus” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“How might life look when we live out of the life and heart of the Father, Son and Spirit?” (Baxter Kruger) – youtube 5-5-2024

“Everyone should be educated according to their identity and purpose” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024
(FILE TITLE: “Rethinking Education: Tailoring Learning to Identity and Purpose”)

“Experiencing God’s Love: A New Approach to Evangelism” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“Non-Christians: A Fresh Perspective on Evangelism” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“Confess what you believe, not what you’re trying to believe” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024
(FILE TITLE: “Unveiling Truth: The Power of Confessing Your Beliefs”)

“Aligning Your Thoughts with God’s Heart: A Journey of Discernment” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“A biblical treatise on salvation as it really is” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024
(FILE TITLE: “Complete Salvation in Christ: Understanding the Full Gospel Message”)

“324. Complete Salvation in Christ” (Mike Parsons) – read 5-5-2024

“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom” March  2024 – download 7-4-2024

“The Imperative of Alignment in the Kingdom” – download 7-4-2024

“Christianity is Part of Western Culture but Not Kingdom Culture” – download 7-4-2024

“Unveiling the Deceptive Path: The Decline of Prophetic Movements” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 7-4-2024

MESSAGE: “Breaking the Jezebel Spirit” (Anita Alexander) – youtube 7-4-2024 ← for your discernment

MESSAGE: “The Axe Is Being Laid To The Root Of The Jezebel Spirit” (Anita Alexander) – read 7-4-2024 ← for your discernment

DOCUMENTARY: “Letter to the American Church” – youtube 7-4-2024
(The infiltration of the church by Cultural Marxism, and the people are silent about it)

“Understanding the Signs of Jesus’ Coming in Matthew 24” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 7-4-2024
(Points out the fallacy of the view of Futurist Eschatology)

“The Signs of Jesus’ Coming” (Mike Parsons) – read 7-4-2024 (article based on the above video)

“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom” February  2024 – download 3-3-2024

“Unconditional Love series” (Mike Parsons) – read 3-3-2024 [FREE: Needs free logon]

“Getting the Reality Right” (Baxter Kruger) – youtube 3-3-2024 [4:40-10:32]
(VIDEO TITLE: “Oct 31st 2015 Meadowvale Awakening to our Identity and Sharing in Jesus Sonship”)

“The Real Good News to Tell Others” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-3-2024 [00:16-06:39]
(VIDEO TITLE: “Unlocking our identity as sons of God” Unconditional Love 23”)

“How to Introduce People to the Kingdom” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-3-2024
(VIDEO TITLE: “How to Introduce our Children to the Spiritual Realm”)

“Everything with God is Relational, not Formulaic!” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-3-2024

“Unlocking Spiritual Perspective: Embracing God’s Thoughts for a Transformed Reality” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-3-2024

“How we are wired to redeem creation” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-3-2024

“A Lot of ‘Alls’” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-3-2024 [06:39-18:10]
(VIDEO TITLE: “Unlocking our identity as sons of God” Unconditional Love 23”)

“Old vs. New Covenant Faith” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-3-2024
(VIDEO TITLE: “Understanding the Book of James: Old vs. New Covenant Faith”)

“What is the Millennium?” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-3-2024

“Concerns about Deliverance Ministry” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-3-2024

“Water Baptism in the Kingdom” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-3-2024
(VIDEO TITLE: “Understanding the Symbolism of Water Baptism and Its Relevance Today”)

“The Lies We Believe about God: Knowing God for Who He Really Is” (Chris Thurman) – download  3-3-2024

“The Lies We Believe about God: Knowing God for Who He Really Is” (Chris Thurman) –   3-3-2024 [Online sample]

“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom” January  2024 – download 4-2-2024

“It will be a Battle to Overturn the Influence of the Global Elite” – download 4-2-2024

“Clarkson 2013 Pt 1” (Paul Young) – youtube 4-2-2024 [21:50-40:00]

“Clarkson 2013 Pt 2” (Baxter  Kruger & Paul Young) – youtube 4-2-2024

“Our Western Christian Mythology” (Baxter Kruger) – youtube 4-2-2024

“303. The Nature of God’s Love” (Mike Parsons) – read 4-2-2024

“Reflecting on My Journey with God: Would I Do Things Differently?” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 4-2-2024

“Understanding the New Covenant” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 4-2-2024
(FILE TITLE: “Understanding the New Covenant: Exploring Hebrews 6:1-2 and Fulfillment in Christ”)

“Sonship and the Irrelevance of Ĵewish Ideas” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 4-2-2024
(“Should we follow Ĵewish Mysticism?”)

“Discovering True Identity: Embracing Who God Says I Am” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 4-2-2024

“Surrendering Independence: Reintegrating Soul and Spirit” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 4-2-2024

“Unveiling the Secrets of the Babylonian System: Origins, Loss, and Restoration” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 4-2-2024

“Breaking the Cycle of World Conflict: The Path to Peace” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 4-2-2024

“Unlocking the Principles of Healing” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 4-2-2024

“Emergency Preparedness and Off-Grid Communication” (Praying Medic) – download  4-2-2024

“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom” December  2023 – download 7-1-2023

“Is Christian Zionism a Heresy?” – download 7-1-2024

“295. A New Perspective on the Millennium [1]” (Mike Parsons) – read 7-1-2024

“296. A New Perspective on the Millennium [2]” (Mike Parsons) – read 7-1-2024

“Why Evangelicals HATE Deconstruction” (Mike parsons) – youtube 7-1-2024

“Reconstruction: Embracing a New Perspective on God and Beliefs” (Mike parsons) – youtube 7-1-2024

“Understanding Realised Eschatology and the End of the Age” (Mike parsons) – youtube 7-1-2024

“Understanding the True Nature of Jesus’ Return” (Mike parsons) – youtube 7-1-2024

“Whore of Babylon BECOMES New Jerusalem: Revelation revisited” (John Crowder) – youtube 7-1-2024

“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom” November  2023 – download 3-12-2023

“There’s More to Operating as a Son – Much More” – download 3-12-2023

“A Different Take On: The Millennial Period” – download 3-12-2023

“The Power of Touch” – read 3-12-2023

“The Nature of God: Accepting and Loving All People” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-12-2023

“Exploring Israel’s Destiny and Biblical Prophecy” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-12-2023 [26:20-55:45]

“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom” October  2023 – download 5-11-2023

“What’s Going On?” October  2023 – download 5-11-2023

“Have you got the message ye? It’s about alignment!” – download 5-11-2023

“REMINDER: Learn to be Frugal” – download 5-11-2023

“A Different Take On: The Second Coming” – download 5-11-2023

“Perichoresis” – FaceBook 5-11-2023 [New site]

“The OT Hebrew God is NOT Ours” – download 1-10-2023

“In Praise of Masculine Love” –  Epoch Times 1-10-2023

“From Law to Grace: A Kingdom Paradigm Shift” (Lynn Hiles) –  3-9-2023

“Important Information for Forerunners” – download 6-8-2023

“Capitalism and the Kingdom” – download 6-8-2023

“The Fall Has Been Reversed: What Now?” – download 2-7-2023

“News Flash: We’re NOT Meant to Change Man-Made Systems” – download 2-7-2023

“The Beginning of a New Spiritual Era” – download 2-7-2023

“The Kainos Paradigm” – download 2-7-2023

“Is it a Problem that the Incidence of Biblical Worldview is Very Low?” – download 2-7-2023

“Americans with biblical worldview now 4% of population” (CRC) – read 2-7-2023

“Engaging the Father” (Mike Parsons) – book 2-7-2023 [paperback]

“Engaging the Father” (Mike Parsons) – book 2-7-2023 [e-book]

“Wrongful Dominion Mindset” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 2-7-2023

“Gospel Before Translation (pt 1)” (Brad Jersak) – read 2-7-2023

“Gospel Before Translation (pt 2)” (Brad Jersak) – read 2-7-2023

“Gospel Before Translation (pt 3)” (Brad Jersak) – read 2-7-2023

“Why Very Little has Happened in the Kingdom To-Date” – download 4-6-2023

“We have preached the Gospel wrong” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 4-6-2023

“287. Unconditional Love, Grace, and the truth about salvation” (Mike Parsons) – read 4-6-2023

“Hellfire Preaching” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 7-5-2023
(VIDEO TITLE: “Unconditional Love 13”)

“The Great Dance: The Christian Vision Revisited” (Baxter Kruger) – book 7-5-2023

“The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation” (Richard Rohr) – book 7-5-2023

“Hang out with Jesus and let him teach you” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 2-4-2023 
(VIDEO TITLE: “Beholding and Becoming”)

“God is waiting for all of His children” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 2-4-2023 

“The Word become flesh” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 2-4-2023
(VIDEO TITLE: “Word becoming flesh”)

“Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation” (Kenneth Gentry) – book 2-4-2023
(A 478 page support of Preterism, as well as The Judgement in 70AD) <— Ask me for a sample

“Raptureless” (Jonathan Welton) – book 2-4-2023 FREE PDF [1st Edition]

“Raptureless” (Jonathan Welton) – book 2-4-2023 READ ONLINE [1st Edition]

“Raptureless” (Jonathan Welton) – book 2-4-2023 [3rd Edition]

“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom” February 2023 – download 5-3-2023

“A Different Take On: Asking in the Name of Jesus” – download 5-3-2023

“Foundational Facts About the Revolutionary New Covenant” – download 5-3-2023

“We Unconsciously Add Into What We Read” – download 5-3-2023

“The 5 Points of Interpreting Scripture” – download 5-3-2023

“Dispensational Christian Zionism: a strange but acceptable aberration or a deviant heresy”?” (Philip Church) – read 5-3-2023
(REQUIRES: Free logon account)   {ALTERNATIVELY: Email me for a copy}

“Understanding Classical Theism, Open Theism and Christology” (John Crowder) – youtube 5-3-2023 [3:15-43:30]
(VIDEO TITLE: “Open Theism”)

“Salvation & Love” (John Crowder) – youtube 5-3-2023 [43:35-47:15]
(VIDEO TITLE: “Open Theism”)

“Restoration of relationship with creation” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-3-2023 

“New Jerusalem” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-3-2023 

“Atonement” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-3-2023 

“Raptureless” (Jonathan Welton) – book 5-3-2023 FREE [1st Edition]

“Becoming a King: The Path to Restoring the Heart of a Man” (Morgan Snyder) – book 5-3-2023

“A Different Take On: The Lord’s Prayer” – download 5-2-2023

“Jesus offers us ‘Life unto the age’” (Bible Project) – youtube 5-2-2023
(VIDEO TITLE: “Eternal Life”)

“Psalm 82: The Divine Council of the Gods, the Judgment of the Watchers and the Inheritance of the Nations” (Brian Godawa) – book 5-2-2023

“Matthew 24 Fulfilled: Biblical and Historical Sources” (Brian Godawa) – book 5-2-2023
[NOTE: This is an example of Historist Eschatology (For your information)]

“Is the 7 Mountain Strategy the Wrong Model?” – download 1-1-2023

“The Background to Lance Wallau’s Prophetic 7 Mountain Strategy” (Lance Wallnau) – youtube 1-1-2023
(VIDEO TITLE: “7 Mountain Prophecy: What It Means For You Today”)

“7 Mountain Prophecy: What It Means For You Today” (Lance Wallnau) –  1-1-2023

“An Important Update on the 7 Mountain Strategy” (Lance Wallnau) – youtube 1-1-2023
(VIDEO TITLE: “7 Mountain Prophecy: What It Means For You Today | PART 2”)
(With the rise of the globalist movement, perspectives on the 7 Mountains of society have changed. Lance updates this for us showing what’s changed and how it impacts us. CAUTION: Lance is an evangelical of Jewish extraction, so he talks from those 2 worldviews. His understanding of the Kingdom also comes from those 2 views.)

“7 Mountain Prophecy: What It Means For You Today | PART 2” (Lance Wallnau) – 1-1-2023

“A Different Take On: The Second Coming, The Judgement and The Resurrection” – download 1-1-2023

“The Resurrection” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 1-1-2023

“The Problem with Using the Bible as a plumbline” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 1-1-2023
(VIDEO TITLE: “Using the Bible as a plumbline”)

“The Problem with Using the Bible to Shape Experience” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 1-1-2023
(VIDEO TITLE: “Using the Bible to shape experience”)

“Your experiences are your Bible” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 1-1-2023

MESSAGE: “The Coming Recession is to Transition Sons” (Shawn Bolz) – youtube 1-1-2023 [0:00-7:30]

“A Deeper Understanding of the Background to Sonship” – download 4-12-2022

“Precepts, Statutes and Laws in the Kingdom” – download 4-12-2022

“A Different Take ON: Grafted into Israel” – download 4-12-2022

“A Different Take On: Israel’s Everlasting Covenant” – download 4-12-2022

“The Witness of the Stars” (Ethelbert Bullinger) – book 4-12-2022 (FREE)

“The Witness of the Stars” (Ethelbert Bullinger) – book 4-12-2022 

“Conspiracy: A Biblical View” (Gary North) – book 4-12-2022 (FREE)

“Conspiracy: A Biblical View” (Gary North) – book 4-12-2022

“How Should We See Astrology?” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 4-12-2022
(FILE TITLE: “Astrology”)

“The Impact Sons Have On Earth” – download 6-11-2022

“What We Need To Know About Halloween” – download 6-11-2022

“Days of Vengeance: An Exposition of The Book of Revelation” (David Chilton) – book 6-11-2022 (FREE)
(Supports Preterist Eschatology)

“Paradise Restored: A Biblical Theology of Dominion” (David Chilton) – book 6-11-2022 (FREE)
(Supports Preterist Eschatology)

“The Great Tribulation” (David Chilton) – book 6-11-2022 (FREE)
(Supports Preterist Eschatology)

“What’s Going On? What’s Ahead?” – September 2022 – download 2-10-2022

“Group Psychology Supports Peer Pressure and Control” – download 2-10-2022
(Explains why we are easily hoodwinked by the Elite)

“The Spiritual BIG Picture” – download 2-10-2022
(What we thought was everything, but it wasn’t)

“The Resurrection Generation” (Emerson Ferrell) – book 2-10-2022

“Zionism” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 4-9-2022

“A Brief Look at What’s Going on in the Kingdom Right Now” – download 7-8-2022

“The Global Scale of What Father’s Doing Now” – download 7-8-2022

“Saying Sorry is Not Part of Forgiveness” – download 7-8-2022

“Repenting Doesn’t Mandate Feeling Sorry” – download 7-8-2022

“The Eschatology of the Restoration of All Things” (Mike Parsons) – book 7-8-2022

“God’s Worldwide Kingdom Reset Part 1” (Ron McGatlin) – read 7-8-2022

“God’s Worldwide Kingdom Reset Part 2” (Ron McGatlin) – read 7-8-2022

“Check your attitude” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 7-8-2022

“A Better Understanding of 666 and Antichrist” (D. Miller 2020) –   7-8-2022

“Paul Makes No Mention Of The Millennial Reign” – download 3-7-2022

“What the Reign of King Jesus Means for the Way We Understand and Relate to Civil Government” – download 5-6-2022

“Ruler of Kings: Toward a Christian Vision of Government” (Joe Boot) – book 5-6-2022

“Australia’s Greatest Threat is the UN” – download 5-6-2022

“How English NT Translations Determine What We Believe” – download 1-5-2022

“What Really Are Liberals and Conservatives?” – download 1-5-2022

“Understanding the War Against Western Society” – download 1-5-2022

“The War Against Western Society” (Douglas Murray) – IPA 1-5-2022
(“How the West’s ‘Destructive Games of Self-Immolation’ Derange Society and Empower Dictators”)

“Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy” (Andy Ngo) – book 1-5-2022

“The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason” (Douglas Murray) – book 1-5-2022

“Does the New Testament Support Christian Zionism” (Philip Du Toit) – read 3-4-2022

“An Eschatological Mindset” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 6-3-2022

LIVE: CPAC USA 2022 (Day 1) – youtube 6-3-2022 

“The Strategic Battle Of Our Time” (David Orton) – read 6-3-2022
(ANALYSIS: Very deep. Some great content. Unfortunately, it’s Christian-based, even though he has a focus on the centrality and importance of the Kingdom..
IMPORTANT: We are not going to rebuild biblical Christian civilisation, as he believes. That would be a reversal from the Kingdom back to the Holy Roman Empire. What’s been revealed to us is that our King will work through a remnant of his people who carry his light and glory. These will impact the people, and so, world system. How humanistic political and governmental systems are replaced has not yet been revealed. But, we won’t work to eliminate what’s currently in place. That’s as much rebellion as humanism, because man would be deciding what to do, even if it’s based on theology and the Bible.)

“Spirituality and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” – download 6-2-2022

“Sign The Freedom Pledge” (Advance Australia) – read 6-2-2022

“Live Not By Lies: A manual for Christian dissidents” (Rod Dreher) – book 6-2-2022

“How to Win the War Against Tyranny” (Dr Mercola) – youtube 6-2-2022

“Australia Project” – FaceBook 6-2-2022

“Make Americans Free Again” – FaceBook 6-2-2022

“Wellness Forum Health” – FaceBook 6-2-2022

“The Effect of Futurist Eschatology on a Nation” – download 2-1-2022

“HOUSE_DIVIDED” (Mike Sullivan) – read 2-1-2022 (Defence of Preterist view)

“The Judicial System is NOT Blind” – download 2-1-2022

“Divine Embrace” (Francois du Toit) – book 2-1-2022

“Israel: A simple guide to the most misunderstood country on Earth” (Noa Tishby) – book 2-1-2022

“No Tricks Zone” – FaceBook 2-1-2022

“Great Barrington Declaration” – FaceBook 2-1-2022

“Plain English Lost on the High Court of Australia” (IPA) – read 2-1-2022

“French education minister’s anti-woke mission” (Politico) – read 2-1-2022

BOOK REVIEW: “The Great Reset: Charting the Way Forward” (David Orton) – read 2-1-2022

MOVIE: “Programming the Nation” [trailer] – youtube 2-1-2022

CHANNEL: “The Other Side Australia” (Damian Coory) – youtube 2-1-2022

“We can’t keep treating the Greens as a ‘woke joke’” (Andrew Bolt) – video  2-1-2022 [6:24]

“The National Curriculum Will Divide Families” (IPA) – read 5-12-2021

“National Curriculum: Activism not Education” (IPA) – read 5-12-2021

“Mainstream Australians Reject Identity Politics In The Classroom” (IPA) – read 5-12-2021

“Freedom Manifesto” (Liberal Democrats) – read 5-12-2021

“Hobson’s pledge: Moving forward as one” (NZ) – read 5-12-2021

“1984” (George Orwell) – book 5-12-2021 [classic reprint]

“Are Jews the Only Ones Father Allows to Prosper?” – download 7-11-2021

MESSAGE: “The Critical Importance of Sonship in this Era of the Kingdom” [27-3-2019] – download 7-11-2021

“The New Covenant: ‘Unpunishable’ Chapter 5” (Danny Silk) – video  7-11-2021 [6:10]

“Legacy of Sonship” (Ricky Nieuwenhuis) – book 7-11-2021

“The Eternal Truth” (Baxter Kruger) – youtube 3-10-2021

“Patmos” (Baxter Kruger) – book 3-10-2021 {How Western Christianity got it wrong}

“The 45 Goals of Communism” – download 3-10-2021

“The Naked Communist” (Cleon Skousen) – book 3-10-2021 {FREE download}

“The New International Economic Order: Implications for Australia” – read 3-10-2021
(Commonwealth Senate Standing Committee Report 1980)

“Don’t Ignore Subliminal Programming” – download 3-10-2021

“Exposing the Fragile Edifice of Science” – download 3-10-2021

“Interview with Riccardo Bosi” (Aussie Cossack) – youtube 3-10-2021

“Unchain Australia” (Michael Darby, ed.) – book 3-10-2021 {FREE}

“BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution” (Mike Gonzalez) – book 3-10-2021

“Rigged – ‘The Fall of Empires’ Book 1” (Rosane & Watson) – book 3-10-2021

“The Great COVID Panic: What happened, Why, and what to do next” (Gigi Foster) – book 3-10-2021

“Dream Interpretation Made Simple” (Praying Medic) – book 3-10-2021

“The New Covenant: “Unpunishable” (Chapter 5)” (Danny Silk)– video  5-9-2021 [6:10]

“Unpunishable: Ending our love affair with punishment” (Danny Silk) – book 5-9-2021

“What’s Important to Learn from the Book of Revelation” – download 5-9-2021

“The Art of Revelation” (Jonathan Welton) – book 5-9-2021

“End Time Delusions: The Rapture, the Antichrist, Israel and the End of the World” (Steve Wohlberg) – book 5-9-2021 {FREE}

“Will Heaven and Earth Pass Away?” – download 5-9-2021

“Different Understandings Arising from the Period 30-70AD” – download 5-9-2021

“The problem of dual readings of the Bible” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-9-2021 [0:00-5:08]
(“Mystic Mentoring Monday 22nd March 2021”  [0:00-5:08])

“Old, New & End || 70AD Resurrection || Jesus Returned” (Willy T) – youtube 5-9-2021 [2:28-8:45]

“The Coming of the Son of Righteousness Shining from East to West – Failure, Future or Fulfilled in AD 70” (Michael Sullivan) – book 5-9-2021 {FREE}

“Full Preterism” – FaceBook 5-9-2021

“Greatness Awaits You – The Five Pillars of Real leadership” (Riccardo Bosi) – book 5-9-2021

“Australian Perspective on Transgendering Children & Adolescents: Policy & Practice Implications” (Academia) – book 5-9-2021

“Counteracting Modern Day Doom-sayers” – download 1-8-2021

“Kingdom Horizon: Eight Reasons Why Earth’s Greatest Days are Unfolding” (Robert Fraser) – book 1-8-2021 (paperback – Amazon)

“Kingdom Horizon: Eight Reasons Why Earth’s Greatest Days are Unfolding” (Robert Fraser) – book 1-8-2021 (ebook – Bob Fraser’s website)

MESSAGE: “For the Pioneers & Nomads” (Nate Johnston) – youtube 1-8-2021

“Your Legal Rights” – download 1-8-2021

“The Coming of the ‘Son/Sun Of Man/Righteousness’ Failure, Future or Fulfilled in AD 70?” (Michael Sullivan) – book 4-7-2021

“The Tyranny of Merit” (Michael Sandel) – book 4-7-2021

“The Meritocracy Trap” (Daniel Markovits) – book 4-7-2021

“An Implication of The Gospel of the Kingdom” – download 6-6-2021

“Be Aware – Police Are No Longer Peacekeepers” – download 6-6-2021

“The Woke Supremacy: An anti-socialist manifesto” (Evan Sayet) – book 6-6-2021

“The Kindergarten of Eden: How the modern liberal thinks” (Evan Sayet) – book 6-6-2021

“The New Class Conflict” (Joel Kotkin) – book 6-6-2021

“The Coming of Neo Feudalism: A warning to the global middle class” (Joel Kotkin) – book 6-6-2021

“Christian Socialism Has Been Tried – It Doesn’t Work” – download 2-5-2021

“Christian Socialism Has Been Tried – It Doesn’t Work” – download 2-5-2021 (slideshow)

“Illuminati Plan – Game Over” (Midnight Ride NYSTV) – youtube 5-2-2021

“Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy” (Andy Ngo) – book 2-5-2021

“Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming’s Unfinished Debate” (S. Fred Singer) – book 2-5-2021

“The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great” (Ben Shapiro) – book 2-5-2021

“False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet” (Bjorn Lomborg) – book 2-5-2021

“Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason” (Dave Rubin) – book 2-5-2021

“Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom” (Patrick Moore) – book 2-5-2021

“Conspiracy Theories are a Big Distraction” – download 4-4-2021

“Conspiracy Theories are a Big Distraction” – download 4-4-2021 (slideshow)

“Other Big Distractions” – download 4-4-2021

“CHALLENGE: Jerusalem was Babylon in Revelation”  – download 4-4-2021

“DID YOU KNOW: The Law was Never Meant to be Introduced”  – download 4-4-2021

“IMPORTANT TOPICS: April 2021” – download 4-4-2021

“Poor Data Accuracy in BOM Climate Models” (Outsiders, Sky News) – audio 4-4-2021
PODCAST: Outsiders, Sunday 28th March  [1:08:00-1:14:05]

“Free Speech and Why it Matters” (Andrew Doyle) – book 4-4-2021

“Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal is even worse than you think” (Marc Morano) – book 4-4-2021

“Cancel Culture and the Left’s Long March” (Kevin Donnelly ed.) – book 4-4-2021

“Chapter 16, Part I: The Communism Behind Environmentalism” (Epoch Times) – read 4-4-2021 (online book)
[Includes 2 sections on Climate Change]

“Evangelism Should be Reconnecting People with Their Creator” – download 7-3-2021

“Evangelism Should be Reconnecting People with Their Creator” – graphic 7-3-2021 (graphic)

“The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense” (Gad Saad) – book 7-3-2021

“The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society” (Debra Soh) – book 7-3-2021

“Cynical Theories: How Universities Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity” (James A Lindsay) – book 7-3-2021

“How to get a 5000 page Bill through parliament under the disguise of a COVID relief package” – read 7-2-2021
(This report shows how parliaments disguise their intentions in bills with titles the public will approve of)

“Trump vs. the Globalist Genocide Machine” – read 7-2-2021

“Faith rattled in Australia Day honours” – read 7-2-2021
(Opposition to a Pastor getting an Australia Day honour)

“The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” (Time Magazine) – read 7-2-2021

“‘Secret,’ ‘Well-funded Cabal’ Worked to ‘Protect’ 2020 Election” (Breitbart) – read 7-2-2021

“TIME Magazine Says Elite Cabal Conspired To “Fix” Election” (Jack Posobiec) – youtube 7-2-2021

“800 Free e-books” (Open Culture) – book 7-2-2021 [either public domain or free]

“Taboos, Legalism and Religion have Returned to Our Society” – download 3-1-2021

“Conspiracy Theories are a Big Distraction” – download 3-1-2021

“Why Fear is a Liar” (Human Psychology) – read 3-1-2021

“Why Every One of Your Fears is a Lie” (Psychology Today) – read 3-1-2021

“Everything We’ve Learned About Modern Economic Theory Is Wrong” (Bloomberg) – read 3-1-2021

“Why is Jordan Peterson making headlines again?” (Sydney Morning Herald) – read 3-1-2021

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“Why Your Country Needs to Stop Selling Out to China!” (Project Nightfall) – FaceBook  13-12-2020

“More in the current times of the Kingdom – November 2020” – download 6-12-2020

“Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Knew Back In 1978” – download 6-12-2020

“Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – A World Split Apart” (American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank) – read 6-12-2020

“Jesus Undefeated” (Keith Giles) – book 6-12-2020

“The Difficulty of Understanding God’s Love Based on the Bible” – download 1-11-2020

MESSAGE: “The Wrath of God Wrongly Perceived” 13-10-2020 – download 1-11-2020

“Who Said God Can’t Look At Sin” – download 1-11-2020

“The Great Awakening” (Dave Hayes) – book 1-11-2020

“The Worldview of 1st Century Believers” – download 11-10-2020

“The Real Takeaways from the Parable of The Sower” – download 11-10-2020

“US Military’s annual report on China to Congress” – read 4-10-2020

“The End of the Age” – download 6-9-2020

“Cracking Old Testament Codes” (Sandy & Giese) – book  6-9-2020

“The Trilogy” (Rick Joyner) – book  2-8-2020

“The High King of Heaven” (Dean Davis) – book  5-7-2020 [FREE PDF]
(A defence of Amillennial Eschatology)

“The High King of Heaven” (Dean Davis) – book  5-7-2020

“The Madness of Crowds” (Douglas Murray) – book  5-7-2020

“Revelation: The Unveiling of Jesus Christ” (Brian Simmons) – book  7-6-2020

“The Book of Revelation Revealed” (Brian Simmons ẅ Patricia King) – youtube 7-6-2020

“The Book of Revelation Revealed” (Brian Simmons ẅ Patricia King) – youtube 7-6-2020

“The Unveiling” (Brian Simmons) – youtube 7-6-2020

“The Unveiling – Introduction to the Book of Revelation Part 1” (Brian Simmons) – download 7-6-2020 
(Study Notes)

“The Unveiling – Introduction to the Book of Revelation Part 2” (Brian Simmons) ←←THERE IS NO PART 2

“Revelation” (Malcolm Smith) – youtube 7-6-2020 (Audio files)
(TRANSCRIPTS: Select ‘Show Transcript’ from the ellipsis button […] for each video)

“Revelation” (Malcolm Smith) – download 7-6-2020 (Buy CDs & MP3 files)

“Revelation” (Malcolm Smith) – download 7-6-2020 (Summaries)

“A Case for Amillennialism” (Kim Riddlebarger) – book  7-6-2020 [FREE PDF]

“A Case for Amillennialism” (Kim Riddlebarger) – book  7-6-2020

INVITATION: John Alley invites you to the 2020 Online Apostolic Summit – youtube 3-5-2020

“Examples of Fake News Photography” – download 3-5-2020

“A View of the Kingdom from the Preterist Position” – download 12-4-2020
(Re-released from 31-5-2017)

“An Infinite Mindset & Life After the Pandemic” – youtube 19-4-2020
(EP66: “Simon Sinek’s 5 minutes on Why Covid-91 is an Opportunity” [17:17])

“National Emergency” (Jon McNaughton) – youtube 12-1-2020

“The Lord’s Word for 2020” (Lance Wallnau) – download 5-1-2020

“God Put Trump in Office, But Prophesy Will Not Return Him Without Voter Registration and Turnout, Lance Wallnau Says” (Right Wing Watch) – read 5-1-2020

“Debunking Christian Myths” – download 1-12-2019

“Has Australia’s Development been a Product of Christian Thought” – download 1-12-2019

“Does the New Testament Support Christian Zionism” (Philip Du Toit) – download 1-12-2019
[Article released under Creative Commons license]

“IPA Free Materials – December 2019” – download 1-12-2019
{These are available on the Institute of Public Affairs website}

“The Road to Ruin: The Global Elite’s Secret Plan” (James Rickards) – book  1-12-2019

“Trump, 2019 & Beyond” (Jeremiah Johnson) – book  1-12-2019

“IPA Free Materials (Dec 2019)” – download 1-12-2019

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“MESSAGE – Anarchy By Stealth: 26-6-2019” – download

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“We Were Warned” – youtube 2-6-2019

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[‘Overview of the EVANGELICAL HERITAGE VERSION’ p:6-14]

“Apostolic Summit 2019 (Peace Apostolic)” – read 2-6-2019
[Live streaming of sessions]

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“Preparation for What’s Coming” – download 5-5-2019

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     “Empty Planet: The shock of global population decline” – book 3-3-2018

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“Some Hebrew Idioms” – download 4-11-2018

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(“Tucker vs Antifa supporter Are you really a professor”)

“Governments don’t want an Intelligent Population” – graphic 27-10-2018 (graphic)

“The Culture War” – book 21-10-2018

“Jesus’ Death & Resurrection: The End & a New Beginning” – download 7-10-2018

“BOOKS: 7-10-2018” – download 7-10-2018

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“12 Rules for Life: An antidote to chaos” (Jordan Peterson) – book 10-6-2018

“The Case Against Education” (Bryan Caplan) – book 10-6-2018
[“The Case against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money”]

MESSAGE: “Prophetic Word to the Ekklesia” (Dan Hubbell) – download 3-6-2018

BOOK – “Insurgence: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom” (Frank Viola) – book 3-6-2018

BOOK – “The Scofield Bible: Its History and Impact on the Evangelical Church” – book 6-5-2018

“Capitalism: A Love Story” (Michael Moore) – read 13-5-2018

“Capitalism: A Love Story” (Michael Moore) – video 13-5-2018 (a documentary)

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“A Prophecy: After Billy Graham’s Death” (?????) – video 4-3-2018

“Billy Graham Prophecy!” (Lance Wallnau) – video 4-3-2018 [0:00-17:30]

“The 100-Year Prophecy” (Bob Jones) – download 4-3-2018

“The 100-Year Prophecy” (Bob Jones) – video 4-3-2018

“Allow your theology to be changed” – download 4-2-2018

“BOOK: The Pure Word” – download 4-2-2018

“The Pure Word” – book 4-2-2018

“No, Nibiru is NOT Coming to Destroy the Earth” (SkyWatchTV) – video 4-2-2018 [7:00-13:40]

“What is a Forerunner?” – download 7-1-2018

“‘Blood Moons’ and ‘Mystery of the Shemitah’: Update January 2018” – download 7-1-2018

“Media Photos Manipulate Readers” – download 7-1-2018

“RESPONSE: Gnostic Gospel of James” (James White) – audio 7-1-2018
(“2017.12.05.R Almost Mega Length DL – Dr. James White – 12517859350”  [0:25-7:40])

“Protecting Western Civilisation: summary” (Mark Latham) – download 24-12-2017

“Protecting Western Civilisation” (Mark Latham) – audio 24-12-2017
[ACNA Conference 2017 (25-11-2017)]

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(“SciFriday: Tom Horn, AI Gods, and ‘The Milieu'” [20:05-27:20])

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“The Façade” (Michael S, Heiser) – book 5-11-2017

“The Façade” (View from the Bunker) – audio 5-11-2017 [book review]

“The Portent – The Façade Saga Book 2” (Michael S, Heiser) – book 5-11-2017

“SABOTEURS” (Tom Horn) – book 5-11-2017

“SABOTEURS” – video 5-11-2017 [trailer]

“SABOTEURS [series]” (Tom Horn) – read 5-11-2017
[Links to parts 1-19 at the beginning of the article, below introductory graphic]

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“Imminent, But Not Now” – download 1-10-2017

“Human Behavior: Imminency Does Not Generate Urgency” (John Thomas) – read 1-10-2017

“Why One’s View on Imminence Theology Matters” (Alan Kirschner) – audio 1-10-2017 [7:50-17:00]

“Keep watch and live prepared” – graphic 1-10-2017 [graphic]

“Think Generational” – graphic 1-10-2017 [graphic]

“Our Life Maxim” – graphic 1-10-2017 [graphic]

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“Pastor Mark Shows the SHOCKING Connection between the Eclipse & Hurricane Harvey using MATH” – video 1-10-2017

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“The Great Inception” (Derek Gilbert) – book 1-10-2017

“The Great Inception – summary” – download 1-10-2017

“BOOKS:10-9-2017” – download 10-9-2017

“5 Points of How to Interpret the Bible” (Welton) – download 10-9-2017

“Arthur Connor’s Report on the Anti-Safe Schools Rally” – download 10-9-2017
[copyright permission 21-8-2017]

“10 Things You Must Know about the Global War on Christianity” – book 10-9-2017

“The Great Inception – intro+part 1” (Derek Gilbert) – read 10-9-2017

“The Great Inception – part 2-12” (Derek Gilbert) – read 10-9-2017

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“The Unseen Realm” (Michael Heiser) – audio 10-9-2017

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“The Watchers and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus” (Heiser) – audio 10-9-2017

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“Historist – The Two-horned Beast” – download 2-7-2017

“Historist – The Woman and the Child” – download 2-7-2017

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“The Supernatural War is Real” (SkyWatchTV) – video 2-7-2017

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“Jerry Falwell and the Heresy of Christian Zionism” (James Jordan) – download 30-4-2017 [original]

“Jerry Falwell and the Heresy of Christian Zionism” (James Jordan) – download 30-4-2017 [copy]
(Scroll down the webpage to find the article)

“Christian Zionism: The New Heresy That Sways America” – download 30-4-2017

“7M: Update 19-6-2016” – download 19-6-2016

“Perichoresis” – listen 4-6-2017
[Free Trinitarian materials — see links on the RHS]

“Reversing Hermon” (Michael Heiser) – book 4-6-2017

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“Revisiting Reality” (Anthony Patch) – video 5-2-2017 [trailer]

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“The Watchers and the Origins of Evil” (SkywatchTV) – video 4-12-2016

“Trump: God’s Chaos Candidate” (Lance Wallnau) – video 6-11-2016 [4:50-15:20]

“US Media Hides WW3 Crisis From Public” (InfoWars) – video 6-11-2016 [9:30-16:25]

“The State of America Theology Study 2016” (Ligonier Ministries) – download 6-11-2016
[Or ask me for a copy]

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“Breaking Christian Curses” (Dennis Cramer) – book 3-7-2016

“BOOKS: July 2016” – download 3-7-2016

“World War 3: The Looming Gog and Magog Prophecy” (NowYouSeeTV) – video 3-7-2016

“A European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance” – read 5-6-2016 (European Parliament)

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“The Politically Incorrect Guide series” – book 5-6-2016

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(“2016 Hidden In Christ Conference – 1/4” [1:25-15:00])

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“An angel reveals the fate of two nations” (Terry Bennett) – video 3-4-2016

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“Ancient Post-Flood History: Historical Documents that Point to Biblical Creation” (Ken Johnson) – book 3-4-2016 (e-book or paperback)

“Unwrapping the Pharaohs: How Egyptian Archaeology Conforms the Biblical Timeline” (Ken Johnson) – book 3-4-2016 (hardcover only)

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(“The Coming Salvation From The Works Of Collective Society”)

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(“God’s revelations on USA Presidential Campaign”)

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WEBSITE: “Technocracy Rising” – read 4-10-2015

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“A Kingdom View of Economic Collapse” (Praying Medic) – download 6-9-2015

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“Is everything you know about 2nd Coming wrong?” (WND) – read 6-9-2015

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“DIG – Season 1” – read 6-9-2015 (3rd Temple TV series)

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