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This page contains The Word given to me on various occasions since 2013, but not from a book. These are the rhemas of knowledge I have received through my various prophetic channels (my prophetic journal, my prophetic messages, and my CCOP prophetic messages). They are spiritual realities (facts) that I know are true because they have come to me straight from The Throne. I share these openly, so that all can see how critical spiritual communication with the Trinity is for Kingdom citizens. Spiritual communication is the most important method we have of receiving spiritual knowledge because life in the Kingdom is a spiritual one. Spiritual messages from our head quarters come to us on outpost Earth so we can stay alignment with Heaven’s plans.

I’ll upload these, one every week, until they’re all available

“The Word – November 2014” – download 

“The Word – March 2015” – download 

“The Word – August 2015” – download 

“The Word – February 2016a” – download 

“The Word – February 2016b” – download 

“The Word – March 2016” – download 

“The Word – December 2016” – download 

“The Word – May 2017” – download 

“The Word – October 2017” – download 

“The Word – January 2018” – download

“The Word – February 2018a” – download

“The Word – February 2018b” – download

“The Word – August 2018a” – download

“The Word – August 2018b” – download

“The Word – August 2018c” – download