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I have been on a journey since about 1988 to find out what it really means to be a follower of Jesus. I knew that it had to be different to the way I was brought up in the church system. To my surprise, I’m just as much a radical at morphing into who I was created to be as I was as a ‘rebel’ against societal norms in the hippy years of the 1960s.


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Learning to Operate as a Son Should Function

2020 was the start of my time of disregarding anything traditional as I was drawn to move in new directions and to do things differently. Others were being trained in the same way, so I took courage from that and determined to do whatever I we led to do by my King, while monitoring my spirituality and the “fruit” produced in my life. Below are my updates as different changes were made in  me.
I have produced these so others can see the processes I went through and also see where I am today. They should be encouraged in reading these to go on their own journey out of religion into the Kingdom of Jesus, becoming a mature son, which is his desire.

“You’ve got to enjoy the process to make progress”
(Lance Wallnau)

Progress Report #1 – download 2-2-2020

Progress Report #2 – download 9-2-2020

Progress Report #3 – download 8-3-2020

Progress Report #4 – download 10-5-2020

Progress Report #5 – download 24-5-2020

Progress Report #6 – download 14-6-2020

Progress Report #7 – download 26-7-2020

Progress Report #8 – download 2-8-2020

Progress Report #9 – download 16-8-2020

Progress Report #10 – download 20-10-2020

Progress Report #11 – download 8-11-2020