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This page contains all the information we have received from our King on our role as kings. It includes his messages to us as we as our revelations and the teachings that have been produced.

START DATE: April 2021

Files are in date order, starting from the beginning


“Operating In Dominion” – download 11-4-2021

MESSAGE: “Having Dominion Right Now” – download 11-4-2021

“Is There Anything Beyond Sonship?” – download 11-4-2021 (Kingdom Perspectives series)

“More on What’s Beyond Sonship?” – download 11-4-2021

“Foundations For Understanding Our Kingship” – download 11-4-2021

“Father’s Sons are Meant to be Governing” – download 18-4-2021

“Jesus was ‘a’ King Before He was ‘The’ King” – download 25-4-2021