This webpage holds the apostolic teachings produced by José Henriquez.

José is a member of Canberra’s Kingdom Living Community and operates with an apostolic and prophetic mantle. He has been called to understand and operate in Kingdom wealth and its transfer, as well as teaching apostolic principles to leaders in the ekklesia worldwide.

“Thrive, not Survive” (Jose Henriquez) – download 12-7-2020

“Communication Access” (Jose Henriquez) – download 2-7-2020

“Are You Hungry?” (Jose Henriquez) – download 5-3-2017

“Systems for Repetitive Processes in Life” (Jose Henriquez) – download 5-3-2017 (Not available yet)

“Investing Accurately in the Kingdom” (Jose Henriquez) – download  5-2-2017

“Manage Your Relationships the Kingdom Way – part 1” (Jose Henriquez) – download 18-8-2016

“ADAPTATION is the Golden Key to the World of Favour” (Jose Henriquez) – download 26-7-2016

“Friends v Partners” (Jose Henriquez) – download 20-9-2015

“Lawlessness – Simply doing your own thing” (Jose Henriquez) – download 17-8-2014