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This webpage has been produced for those who want to learn about the reality of The Kingdom because it’s different to the church system

Each article provides, in ‘a nutshell’, the basic information needed to understand a particular topic of interest from the Kingdom’s perspective. That is, how the Trinity want us to understand it.

COPYRIGHT: All Canberra Forerunners’ documents written by me are free to copy, republish and distribute. They are all licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


Articles are in date order (newst at the bottom)

“Are We Sons or Servants?” – download 11-3-2021

“Shifting From Slavery to Sonship” – download 13-3-2021

“What Does Seated in Heavenly Places Mean?” – download 20-3-2021

“Understanding ‘Stepping Out In Faith'” – download 4-4-2021

“Is There Anything Beyond Sonship?” – download 11-4-2021

“What is Testing?” – download 9-5-2021

“What Really is Sin?” – download 16-5-2021

“How Should We Handle Sin?” – download 16-5-2021

“Work, Worship and Service” – download 23-5-2021

“The Mountain of The Lord” – download 30-5-2021 

“What is ‘The House of the Lord’?” – download 30-5-2021 

“What must we do to do the works of God?” – download 30-5-2021 

“The Flesh: Our Human Base Nature” – download 30-5-2021

“‘The Word of God’ is Everything He Says” – download 6-6-2021

“Our Adoption As Sons” – download 4-7-2021

“Mind Your Own Business” – download 18-7-2021

“Putting Away Childish Things” – download 1-8-2021

“What Really is a War Room?” – download 8-8-2021

“Spiritual Warfare” – download 15-8-2021

“Is it Really ‘The Law of the Spirit’” – download 22-8-2021

“Our Imagination” – download 12-9-2021

“Holding Grudges” – download 19-9-2021

“Our Free Gifts” – download 26-9-2021

“What is Repentance?” – download 10-10-2021 

“Life in the Kingdom is a Balancing Act” – download 17-10-2021

“Dealing with Offence” – download 24-10-2021

“False Humility” – download 14-11-2021 

“Judging Others” – download 2-1-2022

“The Difference Between Discernment & Judgement” – download 9-1-2022

“Understanding Our True Self” – download 17-4-2022

“Understanding the Blood of Jesus” – download 23-4-2022 

“Capitalism and the Kingdom” – download 6-8-2023

“Holy Communion from a Kingdom Perspective” – download  27-8-2023

“The Kingdom’s Joy Economy” – download  10-9-2023

“What Belongs in the Kingdom?” – download  10-9-2023

“Superiority Has No Place In The Kingdom” – download  10-9-2023

“The OT Hebrew God is NOT Ours” – download 1-10-2023