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This webpage provides answers to some direct questions that I have been asked. Each article in it provides, in ‘a nutshell’, the basic information needed to answer the question and to satisfactorily understand it.

COPYRIGHT: All Canberra Forerunners’ documents written by me are free to copy, republish and distribute. They are all licensed under
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“Are We Sons or Servants?” – download 11-3-2021

“Shifting From Slavery to Sonship” – download 13-3-2021

“What Does Seated in Heavenly Places Mean?” – download 20-3-2021

“Understanding ‘Stepping Out In Faith’” – download 4-4-2021

“Is There Anything Beyond Sonship?” – download 11-4-2021

“What is Testing?” – download 9-5-2021

“What Really is Sin?” – download 16-5-2021

“How Should We Handle Sin?” – download 16-5-2021

“Work, Worship and Service” – download 23-5-2021

“The Mountain of The Lord” – download 30-5-2021 

“What is ‘The House of the Lord’?” – download 30-5-2021 

“What must we do to do the works of God?” – download 30-5-2021 

“The Flesh: Our Human Base Nature” – download 30-5-2021

“‘The Word of God’ is Everything He Says” – download 6-6-2021

“Our Adoption As Sons” – download 4-7-2021

“Mind Your Own Business” – download 18-7-2021

“Putting Away Childish Things” – download 1-8-2021

“What Really is a War Room?” – download 8-8-2021

“Spiritual Warfare” – download 15-8-2021

“Is it Really ‘The Law of the Spirit’” – download 22-8-2021

“Our Imagination” – download 12-9-2021

“Holding Grudges” – download 19-9-2021

“Our Free Gifts” – download 26-9-2021