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This page contains my responses to queries posed by those who I’m mentoring, coaching or fathering.
The answers are designed to assist those who search my website looking to find answers to questions that are bothering them.
NOTE: All articles are anonymous, as there’s no reference to the names of anyone I have or am mentoring.


“QUESTION: Why Do You Call Him Father?” – download 10-3-2022

“QUESTION: What Do I Do With The Word I Received?” – download 10-3-2022

“QUESTION: Why Am I a Son, When I’m a Woman?” – download 10-7-2022

“STATEMENT: I Feel Like I am in a Rut” – download 17-7-2022

“STATEMENT: I Think I Need a Mental Shift” – download 17-7-2022

“STATEMENT – Oneness: That Word Keeps Ringing in My Head” – download 17-7-2022

“QUESTION: Is a Shift to Slow Normalcy to be Expected?” – download 24-7-2022


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