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Our prime directive is oneness with the Trinity. Nothing is more important than this — NOTHING. Religion and legalism will apply pressure to DO, but oneness is about BEING our of intimate relationship.

Files are in date order (recent ones at the bottom)


MESSAGE: “Deep Oneness”download

What Father has Spoken to Me About Onenessdownload

The Revelation of Oneness (Kriston Couchey)download
[Published in Open Heaven Digest, July 2012 – Reproduced under copyright]

An Experience of Oneness (Jose Henriquez)download


“The King Gives Abundantly Out of Oneness” – download 15-9-2019

“Oneness of the Heart, Mind and Soul with Jesus” – download 2-8-2020

“Some Important Points on Oneness” – download 1-11-2020

“Loving the Things of the World Negates Complete Oneness” – download 3-10-2021

“What Else Prevents Us Entering Into Deep Oneness?” – download 10-10-2021

“Is God in Total Control?” – download 21-11-2021

“Dreams, Visions and Angelic Visitations” – download 21-11-2021

“More On Oneness” – download 21-11-2021

“Life and the Spirit from the Perspective of Oneness” – download 28-11-2021

“Oneness Should Not Require Scaffolding” – download 28-11-2021

“A Different Aspect of Scaffolding and Oneness” – download 28-11-2021

“Changes That Are Taking Place for Sons” – download 5-12-2021

“Oneness Brings Clarity” – download 12-12-2021





Kriston Couchey (2021) “An Adventurer’s Guide To The Next Age: A prophetic Journey out of religion into union with God”