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Basic Teaching Articles

“The Importance of Assembly Teaching”download

“The Knowledge Needed in this New Era of the Kingdom”download

An Analysis of Some Christian Practices and Their Spiritual Benefits:


Forerunner teaching documents:


THIS MONTH’S Kingdom Living teaching

The following documents contain the teaching I have presented in this month’s Kingdom Community gatherings. At the end of each month these documents are transferred to the Teaching Archives section for perpetual access.
Files and links shared by members are stored in
Our Sharingunder the Community page.


“Delight in Revelation” – download 19-3-2023

“Push Aside Opposition As You Continue To Align With Our King” – download 19-3-2023

“No 10 Commandments or Laws to Follow in the Kingdom” – download 19-3-2023

“It Happens Little By Little” – download 19-3-2023

“Active Faith Allows Father to Work for Us” – download 19-3-2023

“Never Stop Seeking Oneness” – download 12-3-2023

“Exercise Awareness” – download 12-3-2023

“QUESTION: Is Polygamy Ungodly” – download 12-3-2023

“The Soul’s Interference in Spiritual Situations” – download 5-3-2023

“Lean On or Lean Into” – download 5-3-2023

“QUESTION: What Does Diverse Tongues Mean?” – download 5-3-2023

“QUESTION: What Bible Version Should I Use?” – download 5-3-2023



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