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THIS MONTH’S Kingdom living teaching

The following documents contain the teaching I have presented in this month’s Kingdom Community gatherings. At the end of each month these documents are transferred to the TEACHING ARCHIVES section for perpetual access. Files and links shared by members are stored in “Our Sharing” under the Community page.

“The Importance of Assembly Teaching”download

“The Knowledge Needed in this New Era of the Kingdom”download



“Life and the Spirit from the Perspective of Oneness” – download 28-11-2021

“Oneness Should Not Require Scaffolding” – download 28-11-2021

“A Different Aspect of Scaffolding and Oneness” – download 28-11-2021

“MYSTERY: Heaven” – download 28-11-2021

“What Heaven Looks Like is Not Vital at this Time” – download 28-11-2021

“IMPORTANT: Move Forward Spiritually to Keep Up” – download 28-11-2021

“Discernment to Know What is Right” – download 28-11-2021

“Is God in Total Control?” – download 21-11-2021

“Dreams, Visions and Angelic Visitations” – download 21-11-2021

“More On Oneness” – download 21-11-2021

“Business in the Kingdom is Serving Others, Not Gaining Wealth” – download 21-11-2021

“The Purpose of the Book of Revelation” – download 21-11-2021

“False Humility” – download 14-11-2021 (Kingdom Perspectives series)

“Dealing with Bad Days” – download 14-11-2021

“Thoughts About the Future are Pure Fantasy” – download 14-11-2021

“Look Through the Lens of Truth and Reality” – download 7-11-2021

“We Get in Our Own Way of Progress” – download 7-11-2021

“Work Within Boundaries” – download 7-11-2021

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