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Basic Teaching Articles

“The Importance of Assembly Teaching”download

“The Knowledge Needed in this New Era of the Kingdom”download

An Analysis of Some Christian Practices and Their Spiritual Benefits:


Forerunner teaching documents:


THIS MONTH’S Kingdom Living teaching

The following documents contain the teaching I have presented in this month’s Kingdom Community gatherings. At the end of each month these documents are transferred to the TEACHING ARCHIVES section for perpetual access. Files and links shared by members are stored in “Our Sharing” under the Community page.

“Our Aim Should Be to Mature” – download 25-9-2022

“Our Maturity and Its Impact on Gifting” – download 25-9-2022

“Spiritual Maturity Increases the Size of Our Spirit” – download 25-9-2022

“Where to Fight for Your Freedom” – download 25-9-2022

“An Analysis of Some Christian Practices & Their Spiritual Benefits: Tongues” – download

“Spiritual Authority: Spheres of Authority” – download 18-9-2022

“Don’t Build a Name for Yourself” – download 18-9-2022

“The Past Is Gone” – download 18-9-2022

“There’s More Than Comfort in His Presence” – download 18-9-2022

“The Way Life Should Be” – download 11-9-2022

“Is Modern Advancement Totally Alien to the Kingdom?” – download 11-9-2022

“`I Want My Thoughts to be Your Thoughts and My Words to be Your Words`” – download 11-9-2022

“A Different Take On `The God of peace will shortly crush Satan under your feet`” – download 11-9-2022

“Victory Over Self-Destruction” – download 4-9-2022

“What are the New Heavens and New Earth” – download 28-8-2022

“A Different Take on ‘The Powers of the Age to Come'” – download 28-8-2022

“A Different Take on ‘Fight the Good Fight'” – download 28-8-2022

“Know the Truth and You’ll be Free! How?” – download 28-8-2022

“I Have No Agendas for My Days Any More” – download 21-8-2022

“What Are You Carrying?” – download 21-8-2022

“Faith and Identity are Connected” – download 21-8-2022

“Self-Assessment is Not for Condemnation or Shame” – download 21-8-2022

“Exposing Our Misplaced Fanaticism” – download 14-8-2022

“Are Prophets Needed in the 21st Century?” – download 14-8-2022

“The Clarion Call for Forerunners Today” – download 14-8-2022

“What’s Wrong with Saying ‘Please’?” – download 14-8-2022

“It’s Important to Communicate Clearly in These Days” – download 14-8-2022

“STATEMENT: I feel like Father has a vendetta to settle with me” – download 14-8-2022 (Mentoring series)

“Spiritual Dissonance” – download 7-8-2022

“Getting to a New Level of Spiritual Integrity” – download 7-8-2022


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