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TEACHING: Kingdom living teaching from our Kingdom Community gatherings

The following documents contain the teaching I have presented in this month’s Kingdom Community gatherings. At the end of each month these documents are transferred to the TEACHING ARCHIVES section for perpetual access. Files and links shared by members are stored in “Our Sharing” under the Community page.

“The Importance of Assembly Teaching”download

“The Knowledge Needed in this New Era of the Kingdom”download


“Some Scriptures You Have Never Seen Before” – download 22-11-2020

“Do You Have Kingdom Knowledge Or Only Think You Do” – download 22-11-2020

“Illusory Truth Effect” – graphic 22-11-2020 (graphic)

“What Was Actually Lost” – download 22-11-2020

“Don’t Keep Doing the Things that Don’t Work” – download 22-11-2020

“Walk out your life moment by moment, day by day” – download 22-11-2020

“Are You Learning to Become More Frugal” – download 15-11-2020

“17-Understanding the Man” – download 15-11-2020 [‘Kingdom Men & Women’ series]

“How to Experience the Trinity’s Bliss” – download 15-11-2020

“Jesus’ Followers Delay His Second Coming” – download 15-11-2020

“Infused Knowledge” – download 15-11-2020

“Textbook Knowledge or Personal Experience” – download 15-11-2020

“Life’s Troubles are Intended to Speed Your Maturity” – download 15-11-2020

“Love the Journey to Maturity” – graphic 15-11-2020 (graphic)

“Miracles Require Perfect Timing” – download 15-11-2020

“Don’t Think on Things that Steal Your Peace” – download 15-11-2020

“Resting Leads to Heaven’s Provision” – download 15-11-2020

“I am a Radical” – download 8-11-2020

“The Gospel is Also About BLISS” – download 8-11-2020

“Bliss, Ecstasy and Heavenly Intoxication” – download 8-11-2020

“A Never-Ending Fountain of Living Water” – download 8-11-2020

“Enthusiasm is the Wrong Indicator” – download 8-11-2020

“Reflect the Values of the Kingdom” – download 8-11-2020

“No Tolerance for Strife, Contention and Hatred” – download 8-11-2020

“Stand Your Ground” – download 8-11-2020

“Prophetic Messages Must Be Filtered” – download 8-11-2020

“‘Follower Of Jesus’ Is Not ‘We'” – download 1-11-2020

“Kingdom Wellbeing” – download 1-11-2020

“Some Important Points on Oneness” – download 1-11-2020

“Focus Yourself Internally” – download 1-11-2020

“The Kingdom Ways of Handling Problems” – download 1-11-2020

“Complaining Should be Beneath Our Dignity” – download 1-11-2020

“Stop re-killing the ‘old man'” – graphic 1-11-2020 (graphic)