Spiritual Authority

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We know Jesus gave us all his authority, but how do we use it as Sons of the Kingdom so that we are constantly in alignment with Heaven?
The teaching here cuts through the super-spiritual methods of today and also pop Christian culture to give understanding of spiritual authority from a Kingdom perspective.


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“1-Minding Our Own Business” – download (notes)  ✔

“2-Meddling is a Hindrance” – download (notes)  ✔

“3-Understanding Boundaries is Essential” – download (notes)

     “Boundaries” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 

“4-False Oversight” – download (notes)

“5-Faith, Foolishness & Presumption” – download (notes)  ✔

“6-Personal Confession of Sin” – download (notes)  ✔

“7-What is Authority” – download (notes)  

“8-Using Authority” – download (notes) 

“9-Authority in Action” – download (notes) 

“10-Authority to Bring Correction” – download (notes) 

“11-Authority and Honour” – download (notes) 

“12-Authority and Meekness” – download (notes) 

“13-Taking Your Territory for the Kingdom” – download (notes) 

“14-What then is Spiritual Authority?” – download (notes) 

“15-The Kingdom Concept of Authority” – download (notes)  

     “The Kingdom Concept of Authority” (Myles Munroe) – youtube 

     “The Purpose and Power of Authority: Discovering the Power of Your Personal Domain” (Myles Munroe) – download 

“16-Spheres of Authority” – download (notes) 

    “Spheres of Authority” (Mike Parsons) – youtube