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We may already know that we are Kingdom citizens and Sons under the New Covenant, but this may not be enough for us to be comfortable in our Kingdom identity. The culture of the world system influences us in ways we do not understand or recognise, and these cause us to fail at being fully at rest in our identity. The most critical of these that needs addressing today is our sexual identity. Our sex (AKA gender) has been given to each of us by our Creator and the roles that go with it are important. Peace between men and women, especially in the ekklesia and marriage, cannot be fully realized until we operate in our genuine Kingdom roles which have been hidden for millennia. It’s time to enter into our REAL roles and see our families and our nation changed as a result.


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This is a series to help us find our gender place and gender role in the Kingdom
(Files with at the end of the line are now available on this webpage)


“1-How It All Began” – download  (notes)

“2-Adam & Ezer” – download  (notes)

“3-Map Reading & Other Things” – download (notes)

“4-Human Endeavour” – download (notes)

“5-Revealing Ezer” – download (notes) 

“6-Side-by-side Operation” – download (notes)

“7-First: Know Why You Are Here” – download (notes)

“8-Teamwork” – download (notes) 

“9-The Two Become One” – download (notes) 

“10-The Coup” – download (notes) 

“11-Summary So Far” – download (notes) ✔

“12-Courtship” – download (notes)

“13-Marriage” – download (notes)

“14-Staying Single” – download (notes)

“15-Genuine Masculinity & Femininity” – download (notes)

“16-False Masculinity & Femininity” – download (notes)

“17-Understanding the Man” – download (notes) ✔

“18-Understanding the Woman” – download (notes)

“19-The Need For Real Men and Women” – download (notes)

“20-Could You Handle a Real Man or a Real Woman” – download (notes)

“21-BACKGROUND: Culture has No Impact in the Ekklesia” – download (notes)

“22-No Male or Female in the Kingdom” – download (notes)

“23-Completing the Person” – download (notes)

“24-Wild at Heart at the Core” – download (notes)

“25-Family Headship” – download (notes)

“26-Covering” – download (notes)

“27-Submission in the Kingdom” – download (notes)

“28-Spirit, Soul & Will” – download (notes)

“29-The Origin of Trouble” – download (notes)

“30-Jezebel Spirit” – download (notes) 

“31-Soul Ties” – download (notes)

“32-Misogyny, Male Chauvinism, etc” – download (notes)

“33-Top Quality Males” – download (notes)

“34-The Root of Emancipation” – download (notes)

“35-Discrimination & Stereotyping” – download (notes)

“36-The Warrior Bride?” – download (notes)

“37-Roles in The Body” – download (notes)

“38-Love & Other Bruises” – download (notes)

“39-Those 5 Love Languages” – download (notes)

“40-The Husband’s Role” – download (notes)

“41-The Wife’s Role” – download (notes)

“42-The Father’s Role” – download (notes)

“43-The Mother’s Role” – download (notes)

“44-Household Duties” – download (notes)

“45-Rights & Entitlments” – download (notes)

“46-The Bonsai Problem” – download (notes)

“47-Destiny” – download (notes)

“48-That Virtuous Woman” – download (notes)

“49-Rebellion” – download (notes)

“50-Valuable Contentment” – download (notes)

“51-Hidden Control: A Child-bearing Hangover” – download (notes)

“52-Relationship Boundaries” – download (notes)

“53-Honour in the Team” – download (notes)

“54-Soul Mates” – download (notes)

“55-The Bane of Chivalry” – download (notes)

“56-Blame Disney” – download (notes)

“57-Sexuality” – download (notes)

“58-Separation & Divorce” – download (notes)

“59-Personal Characteristics” – download (notes)

“60-Demeanour” – download (notes)

“61-Apparel & Ornamentation” – download (notes)




These are some of the main resources used in the series

“The Motherheart of God” (Denise Jordan) – read (MP3)

“The Motherheart of God – preview” (Denise Jordan) – video

“Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” – book  (free e-book)

“Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus – Book Review” – video

“Mars brain, Venus brain: John Gray” (TEDxBend) – video

“Why Men Don’t Listen & Women Can’t Read Maps” – video
(British recording. Subtitles in Romanian)

“It’s not about the nail” – video

“Men Are Different From Women, Women From Men” – 

“50 REAL Differences Between Men & Women” – video

“50 REAL Differences Between Men & Women” – read

“25 Biological Differences Between Men And Women That Aren’t Commonly Known” – video

“The Main Difference Between Men and Women When It Comes to Relationships” – read

“Waiting on God – A Testimony of How God Brought Two Singles Together” – youtube

“Understanding Masculinity and Femininity” (Jonathan Welton) – youtube

“The Gift from Mothers and Fathers for a Son to be Complete as a Man” (Jon Welton)” – youtube [5:30-18:35]
(FILE TITLE: “Narcissists have incomplete relationships with their parents ep 5 of 6”)

“What is Marriage” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 

“Soul Ties” (Mike Parsons) – youtube [46:45-51:48]
(FILE TITLE: “Mystic Mentoring U.S. Eastern | 12th December 2022”)