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In 2007 the Lord our King identified me as a forerunner for him, but I didn’t understand it at the time that this was happening. This identification came through a prophetic word given to me by Peter Kumar ( during one of his Canberra meetings. Peter’s purpose in being sent to Australia was to raise up home-grown forerunners and nation changers to impact our nation.

About 3 years later as I was studying Mike Bickle’s teaching on forerunners I suddenly realised that that was what I had been called to be. I immediately volunteered because Mike’s teaching notes laid out clearly what was expected of me. The first meetings in Canberra started in March 2012.

A forerunner is one who runs ahead of the rest.

I have 2 forerunner functions:
(1) To be at the forefront of what our King is releasing to his people. This comes as prophetic downloads and revelations which are presented to the ekklesia through my teaching and prophetic messages.
(2) To be a herald for the King’s return. In ancient times, the herald ran in front of the king and announced to the people of the towns that the king was coming and for them to get themselves ready.

My Forerunners meetings are a time where I present to interested people updates of what’s happening in the big scheme of things – the world system and the Kingdom.

My job is to challenge people, to ‘kill’ religion & bring the KINGDOM out in them!

Forerunner sessions are designed to cover:

* What’s happening in the Kingdom
* What’s going on in world systems
* Keeping the focus on Last Days
* Challenging beliefs
* But, not to produce fear

I aim to keep everyone focussed on the King, his Kingdom and his return.

In addition to Forerunner meetings, Kingdom Teaching is produced every week and published every Sunday.

“The general population doesn’t know what’s happening and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.”
(Noam Chomsky)


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COPYRIGHT: All Canberra Forerunner documents written by me are free to copy, republish and distribute. They are all licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License



The following documents contain the teaching presented in the last Forerunner Assembly.
Previous months are transferred each month to the Forerunner Archives.



“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom” November  2023 – download 3-12-2023

“There’s More to Operating as a Son – Much More” – download 3-12-2023

“A Different Take On: The Millennial Period” – download 3-12-2023

“The Power of Touch” – read 3-12-2023

“The Nature of God: Accepting and Loving All People” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-12-2023

“Exploring Israel’s Destiny and Biblical Prophecy” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-12-2023 [26:20-55:45]


“6 – An Understanding of ‘Judgement’” – download 3-12-2023  (Understanding Judgement series)

         “Understanding of ‘Judgement’” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 3-12-2023


As a trainer research scientist I’m applauded at the unscientific nature of community science today. The articles included here will help uncover truth to counteract the pseudo science and ‘fake’ science used by governments to control the populace.

“Epidemics and Delusions” (Jordan Peterson) – youtube 3-12-2023

“‘Worst Case of Misinformation’: Ecomodernist Says Planet Healthier Than What Climate Activists Claim” – read 3-12-2023

“The Crusade Against Carbon Dioxide” – youtube 3-12-2023
(Professor William Happer – IPA lecture – September 2023)

DOCUMENTARY: “No Farmers, No Food” – video 3-12-2023

DOCUMENTARY: “No Farmers, No Food” – read 3-12-2023 [transcript]

“Climategate: Released Emails Show Blatant Censorship in Climate Journals” – read 3-12-2023

“Climate At A Glance” – FaceBook 3-12-2023

“Weather vs. Climate” – read 3-12-2023

“Natural vs. Human Contributions to Greenhouse Gases and Global Average Temperatures” – read 3-12-2023

“Climate Model Fallibility” – read 3-12-2023


Want to know what’s really going on around you? Read these articles and news items.

“Well-Intentioned Good People Often Commit the Evilest of Deeds” – download 3-12-2023

“The Politics of Biological Warfare and the Inversion of Blame, Part II” – read 3-12-2023

EDITORIAL: “The Food Insecurity Lie” – read 3-12-2023

EDITORIAL: “Can We Handle the Truth?” – read 3-12-2023

EDITORIAL: “Premodern Diversity Versus Civilizational Unity” – read 3-12-2023

EDITORIAL: “Explaining the Nocebo Effect, Emotional Contagion, and Mass Hysteria” – read 3-12-2023

EDITORIAL: “The Great Demoralization” – read 3-12-2023

“The ‘Four Great Untruths’ That Are Destroying the West” (Greg Lukianoff) – read 3-12-2023

“Why Totalitarianism Doesn’t Require Gulags or Concentration Camps” – read 3-12-2023

DOCUMENTARY: “Police State” – 3-12-2023

“‘Police State’ Exclusive Q&A” (Dinesh D’Souza) – read 3-12-2023

“Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – Virtual Handbook” (IMF) – read 3-12-2023

“The Biggest Lessons I Learned From ‘Dirty Jobs’” (Mike Rowe) – read 3-12-2023

“Searching for Meaning: Viktor Frankl, Walker Percy, and Modern Malaise” – read 3-12-2023

“A Young Palestinian Who Found Refuge in Israel” – read 3-12-2023

“How Communism Created Islamic Terror” – read 3-12-2023


EDITORIAL: “The Painless Extinction of Formerly Free Australia” – read 3-12-2023

“Fraud, Plunder, Treason and Our Treaty” – download  3-12-2023

“Fraud, Plunder, Treason and Our Treaty” – youtube 3-12-2023
(FILE TITLE: ‘Honouring Our Treaty with Chris Newman’)

“A Better Way” (Kerry White) – read 3-12-2023
(A speech on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament at the Adelaide Convention Centre by an aboriginal woman)

“A Better Way” (Kerry White) – youtube 3-12-2023 [lecture]

“A Better Way” (Kerry White) – read 3-12-2023 [transcript]

“‘The Voice’ Was Only a Test for Bigger Change to Our Constitution” – read 3-12-2023

“Without Energy Security Australia’s National Security Is Exposed” – read 3-12-2023

“Foreign Control of Australia’s Water: Exposing the Crisis and Demanding Change” (Pauline Hanson) – youtube 3-12-2023 [parliamentary message]


These files provide information, primarily for those who get their news from the mainstream media, as well as those who draw from the emotional content of social media. These provide the background to what’s really going on, that’s hidden and covert, and definitely what’s not reported due to media bias and government manipulation of narratives. This information is critical for preparing for what’s head.

“BE INFORMED UPDATE – November 2023” – download 5-11-2023

“WOKEISM UPDATE – November 2023” – download 5-11-2023

“AUSTRALIANA UPDATE – November 2023” – download 5-11-2023

“SCIENCE UPDATE – November 2023” – download 5-11-2023

“COVID SCIENCE UPDATE – November 2023” – download 5-11-2023

“CLIMATE CHANGE UPDATE – November 2023” – download 5-11-2023

“NET-ZERO EXPOSÉ UPDATE – November 2023” – download 5-11-2023








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