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In 2007 the Lord our King identified me as a forerunner for him, but I didn’t understand it at the time that this was happening. This identification came through a prophetic word given to me by Peter Kumar ( during one of his Canberra meetings. Peter’s purpose in being sent to Australia was to raise up home-grown forerunners and nation changers to impact our nation.

About 3 years later as I was studying Mike Bickle’s teaching on forerunners I suddenly realised that that was what I had been called to be. I immediately volunteered because Mike’s teaching notes laid out clearly what was expected of me. The first meetings in Canberra started in March 2012.

A forerunner is one who runs ahead of the rest.

I have 2 forerunner functions:
(1) To be at the forefront of what our King is releasing to his people. This comes as prophetic downloads and revelations which are presented to the ekklesia through my teaching and prophetic messages.
(2) To be a herald for the King’s return. In ancient times, the herald ran in front of the king and announced to the people of the towns that the king was coming and for them to get themselves ready.

My Forerunners meetings are a time where I present to interested people updates of what’s happening in the big scheme of things – the world system and the Kingdom.

My job is to challenge people, to ‘kill’ religion & bring the KINGDOM out in them!

Forerunner sessions are designed to cover:

* What’s happening in the Kingdom
* What’s going on in world systems
* Keeping the focus on Last Days
* Challenging beliefs
* But, not to produce fear

I aim to keep everyone focussed on the King, his Kingdom and his return.

In addition to Forerunner meetings, Kingdom Teaching is produced every week and published every Sunday.

“The general population doesn’t know what’s happening and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.”
(Noam Chomsky)


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COPYRIGHT: All Canberra Forerunner documents written by me are free to copy, republish and distribute. They are all licensed under
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The following documents contain the teaching presented in the last Forerunner Assembly.
Previous months are transferred each month to the Forerunner Archives.



“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom” April  2024 – download 5-5-2024

“We’re Expected to Learn from Difficult Times” – download 5-5-2024

“Check if You are Really Free of Legalism” – download 5-5-2024

“Creation is Waiting” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“Embracing what God intended” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“Embracing Restoration: The Finished Work of Jesus” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“How might life look when we live out of the life and heart of the Father, Son and Spirit?” (Baxter Kruger) – youtube 5-5-2024

“Everyone should be educated according to their identity and purpose” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024
(FILE TITLE: “Rethinking Education: Tailoring Learning to Identity and Purpose”)

“Experiencing God’s Love: A New Approach to Evangelism” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“Non-Christians: A Fresh Perspective on Evangelism” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“Confess what you believe, not what you’re trying to believe” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024
(FILE TITLE: “Unveiling Truth: The Power of Confessing Your Beliefs”)

“Aligning Your Thoughts with God’s Heart: A Journey of Discernment” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024

“A biblical treatise on salvation as it really is” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024
(FILE TITLE: “Complete Salvation in Christ: Understanding the Full Gospel Message”)

“324. Complete Salvation in Christ” (Mike Parsons) – read 5-5-2024


“10-Is Love Offended?” – download 5-5-2024

“Penal Substitutionary Atonement Theory (4)” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 5-5-2024
(FILE TITLE: “Is Love Offended?”)


Want to know what’s really going on around you? Read these articles and news items. You probably won’t find the information in the mainstream media.

“When Marxism Becomes Gospel” – read 5-5-2024

“The Cult of the Elite” (Lara Logan) – 5-5-2024

“World Economic Forum Agenda: A Manufactured Energy Crisis” – read 5-5-2024

“UN ‘Sustainability’ Schemes Behind War on Farmers & Food” – 5-5-2024

“Unpacking the W.H.O.; the Pandemic Treaty & International Health Regulations” – 5-5-2024

“WHO & Changes to International Health Regulations” – 5-5-2024 [Excerpt]

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) – Get The Low Down From VFFs Head of Legal Katie Ashby-Koppens” (Voices For Freedom) –   5-5-2024

“1.1 million Aussies Demand to Exit the WHO” (Graham Hood, Katie Ashby-Koppens) – 5-5-2024

“What Happened to the Impending Recession?” – read 5-5-2024

“Think Harder: How Business and Governments Fail by Not Asking ‘Then What?’” – read 5-5-2024

“How Financial De-Banking Is Being Used to Control Behavior” – read 5-5-2024

“The End of ‘The End of the World’ Is Nigh” – read 5-5-2024
(How society is living with apocalyptic fears, and it’s destroying society and our culture)

“Weaponized Migration” – youtube 5-5-2024

“The freedom of the west is under threat” (Konstantin Kisin) –  5-5-2024 [17:30-33:50]
(SKYnews ‘Outsiders’ 25-2-2024)

“Everything wrong with democracy” (Joanna Williams | Encounters) – youtube 5-5-2024

“Lies I Taught in Medical School: And the Truths That Can Save Your Life” (Robert Lufkin) – 5-5-2024

“Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow” (Ludwig von Mises) – 5-5-2024 [FREE PDF] 

“The Art of Letting Go: How Releasing Attachments Can Transform Your Life” – read 5-5-2024

WEBSITE: “Center for a Secure Free Society” – FaceBook 5-5-2024

WEBSITE: “Voices For Freedom” – FaceBook 5-5-2024

WEBSITE: “The Centre for Independent Studies” – FaceBook 5-5-2024


““It is weaponised against someone purely because they disagree”” (IPA) – youtube 5-5-2024

“McKinsey’s Diversity Matters/ Delivers/Wins Results Revisited” – 5-5-2024
(When McKinsey’s tests were checked against data for firms in the publicly observable S&P 500® as of 12/31/2019, there was no correlation between his theory that racial/ethnic diversity training of business executives improves business productivity.)

“Equity: The Thief of Human Potential” (Thomas Sowell) – youtube 5-5-2024

“The war on our culture and how to win it” (Doug Stokes) – youtube 5-5-2024


The items below contain information that’s important for all Australians. It will alert them, so they are more aware of what’s going on and what’s trying destroy our society and our nation.

NEWSLETTER: “Nuclear For Australia – newsletter 26-4-2024” – download 5-5-2024

“There’s not an aspect of our society that the Nature Positive plan wouldn’t impact” – youtube 5-5-2024


As a trainer research scientist, I’m applauded at the unscientific nature of community science today. The articles included here will help uncover truth to counteract the pseudo science and ‘fake’ science used by governments to control the populace.

“What is Marine Cloud Brightening?” – download 5-5-2024

“‘Overcast’ – An Investigative Film About Geoengineering, Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation” – 5-5-2024

WEBSITE: “” – FaceBook 5-5-2024


These files provide information, primarily for those who get their news from the mainstream media, as well as those who draw from the emotional content of social media. These provide the background to what’s really going on, that’s hidden and covert, and definitely what’s not reported due to media bias and government manipulation of narratives. This information is critical for preparing for what’s head.

“BE INFORMED UPDATE – April 2024” – download 5-5-2024

“WOKEISM UPDATE – April 2024” – download 5-5-2024

“SCIENCE UPDATE – April 2024” – download 5-5-2024

“COVID SCIENCE UPDATE – April 2024” – download 5-5-2024

“CLIMATE CHANGE UPDATE – April 2024” – download 5-5-2024

“NET-ZERO EXPOSÉ UPDATE – April 2024” – download 5-5-2024

“AUSTRALIANA UPDATE – April 2024” – download 5-5-2024





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