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Forerunners group meets in the afternoon of the 1st Sunday each month

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In 2007 the Lord our King identified me as a forerunner for him, but I didn’t understand it at the time that this was happening. This identification came through a prophetic word given to me by Peter Kumar ( during one of his Canberra meetings. Peter’s purpose in being sent to Australia was to raise up home-grown forerunners and nation changers to impact our nation.

About 3 years later as I was studying Mike Bickle’s teaching on forerunners I suddenly realised that that was what I had been called to be. I immediately volunteered because Mike’s teaching notes laid out clearly what was expected of me. The first meetings in Canberra started in March 2012.

A forerunner is one who runs ahead of the rest.

I have 2 forerunner functions:
(1) To be at the forefront of what our King is releasing to his people. This comes as prophetic downloads and revelations which are presented to the ekklesia through my teaching and prophetic messages.
(2) To be a herald for the King’s return. In ancient times, the herald ran in front of the king and announced to the people of the towns that the king was coming and for them to get themselves ready.

My Forerunners meetings are a time where I present to interested people updates of what’s happening in the big scheme of things – the world system and the Kingdom.

My job is to challenge people, to ‘kill’ religion & bring the KINGDOM out in them!

Forerunner sessions are designed to cover:

* What’s happening in the Kingdom
* What’s going on in world systems
* Keeping the focus on Last Days
* Challenging beliefs
* But, not to produce fear

I aim to keep everyone focussed on the King, his Kingdom and his return.

In addition to Forerunner meetings, Kingdom Teaching is produced every week and published every Sunday.


“The general population doesn’t know what’s happening and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.”
(Noam Chomsky)


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The following documents contain the teaching presented in the last Forerunner Assembly. Previous months are transferred each month to the Forerunner Archives.

What’s Going On? What’s Ahead?: April 2022 – download 

“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom – April 2022” – download 1-5-2022

“How English NT Translations Determine What We Believe” – download 1-5-2022

“20-Exposing our Preconceptions” – download 1-5-2022 (‘What is Salvation’ series)

“How Church Teaching Prevents Us Accepting Reality” (Ian Clayton) – youtube 1-5-2022 (‘What is Salvation’ series)
(“Radiant Fire” Session One, Promo)

“Unconscious Bias” – youtube 1-5-2022 (‘What is Salvation’ series)

“The Spiritual Streams Contain Some Truth, Not All of It” (Mike Parsons)  – youtube 1-5-2022 (‘What is Salvation’ series)
(“4 Streams, 1 River of Restoration“)

“What is Salvation?” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 1-5-2022 (‘What is Salvation’ series)

“Death is Not the End of Choice” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 1-5-2022 (‘What is Salvation’ series)

“What is the Fire?” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 1-5-2022 (‘What is Salvation’ series)

“Penal Substitutionary Atonement” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 1-5-2022 (‘What is Salvation’ series)

“The World has Rejected the Angry God” (Mike Parsons) – youtube 1-5-2022 (‘What is Salvation’ series)

“What Really Are Liberals and Conservatives?” – download 1-5-2022

“Understanding the War Against Western Society” – download 1-5-2022

“The War Against Western Society” (Douglas Murray) – IPA 1-5-2022
(“How the West’s ‘Destructive Games of Self-Immolation’ Derange Society and Empower Dictators”)

“Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy” (Andy Ngo) – book 1-5-2022

“The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason” (Douglas Murray) – book 1-5-2022

“What is Empirical Science?” – download 1-5-2022

“Real Science” – FaceBook 1-5-2022

“Sun Most Likely Causing Global Warming, Not Carbon Dioxide” – download 1-5-2022

“Revealed: The True Hottest Day Ever Recorded In Australia” (IPA) – IPA 6-3-2022

“Net Zero Jobs: An Analysis Of The Employment Impacts Of A Net Zero Emissions Target In Australia” (IPA) – IPA 6-3-2022

“SCIENCE UPDATE: May 2022” – download 1-5-2022

“COVID-19 Science: May 2022” – download 1-5-2022

“Important Information Not Reported in the Mainstream Media – May 2022” – download 1-5-2022






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