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An Analysis of Some Christian Practices & Their Spiritual Benefits

This series analyses Christian practices from a Kingdom perspective. It provides insight into whether they are man-made religion, or approved by the Trinity as genuine activities for sons to engage in, as well as how they are to engage.
IMPORTANT: Only those structures, systems and activities which have a blueprint in Heaven are those which actually belong to the Kingdom. Outside of that, anything else comes form, and belongs to, the world system.

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Documents are in reverse date order (newest at the top)

(Files with at the end of the line are now available on this webpage)

1- Introduction – download  ✔  ← Must read this one first

2-Prayer – download  ✔

3-Bible Reading – download 

4-Worship – download 

5-The Anointing – download

6-Communion – download 

7-Festivals – download 

8-Baptism – download 

9-Tithing – download 

10-Fasting – download 

11-Tongues – download

12-Saying Grace – download 

13-Benedictions – download 

14-Ministry – download 

15-The Law – download 

16-Church Buildings – download