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LISTED IN REVERSE DATE ORDER – newest files are at the top

“A Short Glossary of Kingdom Terms” – download 24-8-2019

“How do We Access the Abundant Life of the Kingdom” – download 28-4-2019

“The Little-known Kingdom Reason Why Jesus Came” – download 28-4-2019

“The More I Focus on the Kingdom…” – download 21-4-2019

“What’s Joy Like in the Kingdom?” – download 21-4-2019

“Submission to Kingdom Authority” – download 14-4-2019

“Who will be left behind as the Kingdom Advances”  – download 7-4-2019

“Complete Surrender in the Kingdom”  – download 7-4-2019

“The Flaw in Presenting the Gospel of Salvation”  – download 17-3-2019

“Sonship and Favour”  – download 3-3-2019

“The Responsibility of the King”  – download 3-3-2019

“How the Kingdom Changes the World”  – download 17-2-2019

“The Kingdom Way of Being Radical”  – download 10-2-2019

“Our Kingdom Attitude: ‘Adopted’, not ‘Bought with a Price’”  – download 10-2-2019

“Rethinking the Kingdom: Good Works” – download 10-2-2019

“Understanding the Transition from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant” – download 20-1-2019

“The Kingdom: Fulfilling the Law and the Prophets” – download 6-1-2019

“God Moves Through the Externals, but the Internal Kingdom is the Priority” – download 16-12-2018

“Everything Should Flow From Our Internal Kingdom” – download 16-12-2018

“Spiritual Sight is Essential in the Kingdom” – download 2-12-2018

“Earth is an Outpost of Heaven” – download 11-11-2018

“Social Justice & the Kingdom” – download 4-11-2018

“A Starting Point for Your Kingdom Life” – download 4-11-2018

“Transformation and the Internal Kingdom” – download 28-10-2018

“Understanding the Internal Kingdom” – download 21-10-2018

“The Expansion of the Kingdom Today” – download 29-9-2018

“We DO NOT Build the Kingdom” – download 23-9-2018

“Kingdom Lost Through Treason” – download 16-9-2018

“Kingdom Freedom Includes Not Having To Do What Everyone Else Does” – download 9-9-2018

“Kingdom Culture is Exhibited” – download 9-9-2018

“Bearing Kingdom Fruit” – download 26-8-2018

“The Forever-Plan of the Kingdom” – download 26-8-2018

“Non-productivity is Not a Kingdom Trait” – download 5-8-2018

“Getting Kingdom Culture” – download 29-7-2018

“Kingdom Communities are Places of Being Real” – download 22-7-2018

“The Apostolic Balance: One Flock and One Shepherd” – download 27-5-2018

“Changing to a Kingdom Mindsets” – download 27-5-2018

“Kingdom Food” – download 27-5-2018

“The Full Stature of Sonship” – download 18-2-2018

“Nothing is Done Out of Fear in the Kingdom” – download 18-2-2018

“Everyone Needs Retraining to Live the Kingdom Life” – download 21-1-2018

“Our New Life Reality in God’s Kingdom Now” – download 7-1-2018

“Change to the Paradigm of the Kingdom” – download 24-12-2017

“Where Has All The Kingdom Teaching Gone?” – download 22-10-2017

“Koinonia Fellowship” – download 22-10-2017

“Pastor Each Other” – download 20-8-2017

“Dealing with Negatives the Kingdom Way” – download 13-8-2017

“Kingdom Responsibilities are Simple” – download 23-7-2017

“Kingdom Resource Mismanagement” – download 9-7-2017

“Live in the New Covenant Reality” – download 9-7-2017

“2-Way Agapē” – download 25-6-2017

“The Anointing for Apostolic Oversight” – download 25-6-2017

“The Apostolic and Kingdom Processes” – download 25-6-2017

“Kingdom Benefits from the Preterist Position” – download 18-6-2017

“The Essential Apostolic Building Mandate” – download 18-6-2017

“Administrating Controversy” – download 28-5-2017

“Fruit of the Kingdom” – download 21-5-2017

“What Does it Mean to be Apostolic People” – download 14-5-2017

“Normal Christianitydownload 3-5-2017

The Kingdom is Demonstrated – notesdownload 15-2-2017

Keys to Successful Kingdom Citizenshipdownload 7-12-2016

Kingdom Terminologydownload 7-10-2016

The Gospel of the Kingdom is the Full Gospeldownload 10-11-2015

Co-labouring in the Kingdom – Resource Linksdownload 13-10-2015

Kingdom Evangelism verses Standard Evangelismdownload 29-9-2015

The Story We Haven’t Hearddownload 26-8-2015



LISTED IN DATE ORDER – newest files are at the bottom

Your Kingdom Comedownload 22-6-2015

God’s Eternal Purposedownload 29-6-2015

God’s Primary Purposedownload 13-7-2015

Creation in time and spacedownload 13-7-2015

“A Wholistic View of the Kingdomdownload 16-7-2015

“A Relational View of the Kingdomdownload 20-7-2015

The Restoration of Heaven and Earth as a Single Realmdownload 27-7-2015

The Fullness of Goddownload 27-7-2015

Rediscovering the Kingdom – part 1download 13-8-2015

“Rediscovering the Kingdom – part 2”download 13-8-2015

Rediscovering the Kingdom – free resourcesdownload 13-8-2015

The Big Picturesdownload 24-8-2015

Are you Kingdom yetdownload 15-9-2015

Co-labouring in the Kingdomdownload 12-10-2015

Contrasting Kingdomsdownload 1-11-2015

What is the True Gospel Messagedownload 15-11-2015

Returning to the Original KINGDOM Mandatedownload 23-11-2015

Kingdom Citizens Living the Kingdom Lifedownload 14-12-2015

Kingdom Citizens have come out of Paganism (preview)download 2-12-2015

“Kingdom Citizens have come out of Paganism”download 27-4-2016

Kingdom Citizens and the Bible – part 1download 11-5-2016

“Kingdom Citizens and the Bible – part 2”download 25-5-2016

“Kingdom Citizens and the Bible – part 3”download x-x-201x

Kingdom Citizens and the Churchdownload 22-6-2016

Kingdom Citizens’ Authority – part 1download 29-6-2016

The Kingdom and its Message (Revision)download 12-10-2016

Kingdom Citizens Live In Freedom (part 1)download 19-10-2016

“Kingdom Citizens Live In Freedom (part 2)”download 26-10-2016

“Kingdom Citizens Don’t Work At It (part 1)”download 2-11-2016

“Kingdom Citizens Don’t Work At It (part 2)”download 16-11-2016

“Kingdom Citizens Are Compliant”download 9-11-2016

“Kingdom Citizens Operate Out Of Rest”download 23-11-2016

“Kingdom Citizens Are Also Ambassadors”download 30-11-2016

“Kingdom Citizens Are At-home”download 7-12-2016

Keys to Successful Kingdom Citizenshipdownload 7-12-2016



These were produced by Frank Viola

Frank’s Kingdom webpage: LINK

Frank’s Kingdom podcasts: LINK

“Dispelling Kingdom Myths: #1” – read
[MYTH: Jesus preached the gospel of the Kingdom, and Paul preached the gospel of grace]

“Dispelling Kingdom Myths: #2” – read
[MYTH: The gospel of the Kingdom was for the Jews; the gospel of grace is for the Gentiles]

“Dispelling Kingdom Myths: #3” – read
 [MYTH: The Kingdom of God is the equivalent of Heaven]

“Dispelling Kingdom Myths: #4” – read
 [MYTH: Christians are called to build the Kingdom]

“Dispelling Kingdom Myths: #5” – read
 [MYTH: The Kingdom is separate from the ekklesia]

“Dispelling Kingdom Myths: #6” – read
 [MYTH: The Kingdom of God is “within you” as an individual, privatized reality]

“Dispelling Kingdom Myths: #7” – read
 [MYTH: The Kingdom of God is the equivalent of signs, miracles & wonders]