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What’s Going On? What’s Ahead?

This page contains records of prophetic messages, words, downloads, deposits, etc., which have been received by our Community members. They are what our King has released to us so we are aware of what’s going on in the world around us. The information is pooled to reveal the bigger picture.

Father approved this strategy: “It’s right and good that you’ve organised your brothers and sisters to send you for collection, what I tell them about what’s going on around you [all]. This is essential. I don’t want you to be unaware or ‘caught out’ by the machinations of those in control. I will always let my people know what’s going on. That’s what a good father does.”


LISTED IN REVERSE DATE ORDER – newest files are at the top


“Preparing for What’s Ahead”download [An Overview]


RELEASE: May  2024 – download 

RELEASE: March  2024 – download 

RELEASE: October  2023 – download 

RELEASE: September  2023 – download

RELEASE: August  2023 – download

RELEASE: January 2023 – download

RELEASE: December 2022 – download

RELEASE: November 2022 – download

RELEASE: October 2022 – download

RELEASE: September 2022 – download

RELEASE: July 2022 – download

RELEASE: June 2022 – download 

RELEASE: May 2022 – download 

RELEASE: April 2022 – download 

RELEASE: March 2022 – download