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Added August 2017

“Why we must Ignore our old nature” (Graham Cooke) – read

“Manipulation” (Frank Viola) – read

“PROPHECY: 5 Years of Grace” (Charisma) – read

“Brilliant Thoughts with Graham Cooke Episode 11” – video

“Jewish Passover in Corinth?” (Israel Study Centre) – read

“Will the Temple be Rebuilt” (Israel Study Centre) – read

“God’s Grace and the Law of Moses” (Israel Study Centre) – read

“Finishing the Race & Surviving Failure” (Frank Viola) – read



Prophetic Devotional–November 17, 2016 (Marsh Burns) – read 18-12-2016 [scroll to the date]

MESSAGE: “The Prayer that you no longer pray” (Lana Vawser) – read 18-12-2016

“Why we must ignore our old nature” (Graham Cooke)read 18-12-2016

Get Ready…It’s going to be awesome” (Joseph International) – read 18-12-2016

Calling it in its face” (Frank Viola) – read 18-12-2016

Life is More than This” (Frank Viola) – read 18-12-2016

“Getting Clear on Your Purpose in Life” (Frank Viola) – read 18-12-2016

“Counterfeit Apostles” (John Alley) – video 18-12-2016
“Relational Boundaries #2”  [12:25-18:10]

3 Reasons Why First Impressions matter” (Lance Wallnau) – video 18-12-2016

7M UPDATE – December 2016” – download 18-12-2016

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” (xxxxxxxx) – 18-12-2016

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” (xxxxxxxx) – 18-12-2016