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From a Kingdom perspective it’s important to know how to function in Community. This series addresses some of the Important things we need to change or develop as we become family in close relationship.


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How To (series)

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“HOW TO: Identify Rhema” – download

“HOW TO: Pastor Others” – download

“HOW TO: Represent our King to Others” – download

“HOW TO: Pray and Always Get Results!!!” (Shane Wall) – video

“HOW TO: Handle a Personal Prophecy” – download

“HOW TO: Take in a Prophetic Message” – download

“HOW TO: Interpret Scripture Properly” – download

“HOW TO: Interpret the Bible Properly” (Welton) – read 

“HOW TO: Listen to Teaching” – download

“HOW TO: Handle Teaching” – download

“HOW TO: Select A Bible” – download  

“HOW TO: Stop Being a Busybody” – download ✔

“HOW TO: Disagree in the Kingdom” (Welton) – read 


“HOW TO: Fit into a Gathering” – download

“HOW TO: Handle Prophecy” – download

“HOW TO: Change as a ‘Newbie’” – download