Changes to the Functioning of Canberra Forerunners

From 25th September 2016 Canberra Forerunners will function in a number of slightly different ways. The main driving force for this is the opening of a new season for me. This means that I need to make changes so I can “move with the cloud” of the Spirit.

My main objective as a forerunner is to go ahead of the ‘pack’ and make a path for others to follow. This means I must see that I constantly align myself with the Kingdom so I’m actually blazing a trail into new territory through revelation and Kingdom assignments. This results of this isn’t smooth as there is much opposition – even strong resistance from well-meaning believers.

In this new season I am being focussed by our King on my local community and ‘marketplace’, especially my street. This is a major shift for me as I have been working in Canberra city to impact people with the Kingdom. This change has come recently and has been the result of my acquiescence to my King’s leading to focus in this sector. I had resisted it in the past, but with reprogramming, I am now ready to work there.

I know now, that in the mind of Father, big is not best. Therefore, the current church paradigm of church growth to produce large and mega organisations is not the model for the Kingdom in these last days. In this regard, I asked the Lord about his plan for cities and his immediate reply was, “Kingdom Communities on every street”. This means that my focus must be on my street and those streets nearby if I am to align with Heaven in this matter. Street Communities are small, not large. Street Communities will become genuine communities centring on being family, which the Kingdom models.

My other function as a forerunner is to free as many people as I can from the religious system. These will be discipled, fathered and mentored, even if they are few. Multiplication of genuine Kingdom citizens means that a few become many as they reproduce themselves in others.

As part of this liberation, I will be focussing on gathering wilderness church members – those who have left the system in the past and are in ‘limbo’. These need reprogramming and fed sound doctrine so they can realize their potential in the Kingdom. I will also be taking the Kingdom with me to touch those who are outside of it so they are able to see reality for the first time. These will also be reprogrammed from the imprint of the world system and then released into Kingdom communities rather than systemic churches.

One assignment that will not change is my commission to take Kingdom teaching to the towns around Canberra. This includes current Kingdom revelation, Kingdom Community establishment, and the Gospel of the Kingdom (instead of the Gospel of Salvation). I will go on with my provision of Kingdom Living teaching in Yass each fortnight and continue to look for avenues to access other towns and villages.

I will continue to run the following training courses each year: School For Prophets; 7 Mountain Strategy; & Apostolic Leadership. Notification of the commencement of these course each year will appear on my website.

My time and energy are limited and I must focus on those who are interested in the current things of the Kingdom. There is no longer time for me to pander to the needs of disinterested, lazy or slack believers who will not “violently” take hold of the Kingdom and allow themselves to be radically changed. It is futile for me to waste my emotional energy on such believers. Everyone is responsible for their own growth and maturity, which is why the church method of preaching to ‘deaf’ ears is not something that I am called to do.

Those who know me or Canberra Forerunners but do not connect regularly (or at all) will no longer receive notices of my teaching documents. Happily, they will be able to access them every week as I will continue to upload them to my website. Meeting notices will need to be read from my website as notification emails will no longer be distributed widely.

So, it’s imperative: I need to make changes in how I operate.



Everything is business-as-usual, except the following changes that will take effect immediately.

I will begin to do the following:

  1. Interact more with those in my street
  2. Bring the Kingdom to bear on the needs of all those who I’m shown are to be impacted
  3. Seed new Kingdom Communities on other streets as I am shown
  4. Refer to our current Community as ‘Kingdom Living Community’ – we are learning to live the Kingdom life as Kingdom citizens and family rather than Christians
  5. Request email recipients actively forward emails on to others – they will become my distribution network
  6. See all believers we connect with baptised in the Holy Spirit – there’s no spiritual impetus without it


I will no longer do the following:

  1. Support the religious church system, its meetings and its methods/ways
  2. Distribute Kingdom Community email notices to those outside of our Community unless requested
  3. Distribute Forerunner email notices to those who aren’t interested to join in
  4. Schedule Kingdom Community meetings in other suburbs unless requested – that includes Queanbeyan or Richardson as the seeds have been planted there and it’s time for them to grow
  5. Maintain non-essential FaceBook ‘friends’