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 COPYRIGHT: All Canberra Forerunner documents written by me are free to copy, republish and distribute. They are all licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

KINGDOM LIVING: Sharing & Teaching from our Kingdom Community Gatherings

The following documents contain the teaching covered in this month’s Kingdom Community meetings. Some items are what was shared by members.
My teaching documents are transferred at the end of each month to the ARCHIVES section for perpetual access. Shared files are stored in
“Our Sharing” on the Community page.

“The More I Focus on the Kingdom…” – download 21-4-2019

“What’s Joy Like in the Kingdom?” – download 21-4-2019

“Guard Your Heart” – download 21-4-2019

“Beethoven – A ‘Forerunner’ before our Time” (Peter Dunnet) – download 21-4-2019

“Preparation in the Wilderness 01 (part 1)” (Graham Cooke) – audio 21-4-2019

“Judas Spirit Rising Rapidly in This Season” (Jennifer Leclaire) – youtube 21-4-2019

“We must be changed into his likeness” – graphic 21-4-2019 (graphic)

“Alignment requires coordinated intentionality” – graphic 21-4-2019 (graphic)

“Submission to Kingdom Authority” – download 14-4-2019

“Calvin, Wesley, Pharisees, and Heresy” (Frank Viola) – youtube 14-4-2019

“Regrace: The Shocking Beliefs of the Great Christians” (Frank Viola) – read 14-4-2019

“Regrace: The Shocking Beliefs of the Great Christians” (Frank Viola) – book 14-4-2019 [Sample]

“Insurgence 14 – The Family Nature of the Kingdom (Mafia Church)” (Viola) – audio 14-4-2019 [0:00-7:05]

“Who will be left behind as the Kingdom Advances”  – download 7-4-2019

“Complete Surrender in the Kingdom”  – download 7-4-2019

“3 Reasons Why You Must Guard Your Heart” (Michael Hyatt) – read 7-4-2019

“Another Way to Tell which Kingdom You Belong to” (Frank Viola) – read 7-4-2019

“Jesus Demanded Graham Cooke, ‘Give Me Back My Stuff!'” – youtube 7-4-2019 [re-posted]

“Give Me Back My Stuff!” (transcript) – download 7-4-2019