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KINGDOM LIVING: Sharing & Teaching from our Kingdom Community Gatherings

The following documents contain the teaching covered in this month’s Kingdom Community meetings. Some items are those shared by members.
My teaching documents are transferred at the end of each month to the ARCHIVES section for perpetual access. Shared files are stored in
“Our Sharing” on the Community page.

REVELATION: “Heaven is Already Here” (J) download 9-6-2019

VISION: “Jesus Will Take Us Through” (Kristy Hansen) download 9-6-2019

“Impact the World Through Kingdom Culture” (Bill Johnson) – youtube 9-6-2019 [2:15 onwards]

“The Sea Lion and the Dream Giver Story Part 7” – download 9-6-2019

“Greatness Awaits You: The Five Pillars of Real Leadership” (Riccardo Bosi) – book 9-6-2019

“The Sea Lion and the Dream Giver Story Part 6” – download 2-6-2019

“Preparation in the Wilderness” (Graham Cooke) – audio 2-6-2019
[Buy the whole series here]

“MESSAGE – The Way Ahead for Australia: 19-5-2019” – download

“God Is Raising Up His Ezekiel Watchmen Prophets Now” (Amanda Shiflett) – read 26-5-2019

“MassResistance confronts Democrat Congressmen face-to-face on tyrannical LGBT `Equality Act`” – read 26-5-2019

“BOLT REPORT: Tuesday 21st May — Interview with Rod Dreher” (Andrew Bolt) – audio 26-5-2019 [10:20-24:43]

“A Conversation with Rod Dreher: The Gathering Carlsbad 2017” – youtube 26-5-2019

“How I Missed the Kingdom” (Derek Brown) – download 19-5-20199
[Email me and I’ll send you a copy — it’s free]

“Where I’m Headed in 2019” – download 19-5-2019

“The Church Will Undergo a Radical Overhaul” (Wanda Alger) – read 19-5-2019

“The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation” (Rod Dreher) – book 19-5-2019

“Woke Capitalism Is Our Enemy” (Rod Dreher) – read 19-5-2019

“Where are the Good Christian Men” (Rod Dreher) – read 19-5-2019

“Living Your Truest Identity” (Graham Cooke) – audio 19-5-2019

SkyNews podcastsaudio 19-5-2019

“The Big Question (Ron McGatlin)” – download 12-5-2019

“Jesus speaks to the person you truly are” (Graham Cooke) – download 12-5-2019

“The Church as We Know It in the West Is About to Die” (Rick Joyner) – read 12-5-2019
[‘The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 17’]

John Anderson’s websiteread 12-5-2019

“Mark Latham’s Maiden Speech to Parliament” (Mark Latham) – read 12-5-2019

“Mark Latham: Back in the bullring, uncensored” (Mark Latham) – read 12-5-2019

“Germany’s Energiewende program exposed as a catastrophic failure”  – read 12-5-2019
[Energiewende = ‘Great Renewable Energy Revolution’]

“Preparation in the Wilderness (introduction)” (Graham Cooke) – audio 21-4-2019″
[“Preparation & Closure”]

“Jesus Exposed Himself as Messiah” – download 5-5-2019

“263. The Word of God” (Mike Parsons) – read 5-5-2019

“17: Rethinking the Sermon on the Mount” (Frank Viola) – youtube 5-5-2019