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 COPYRIGHT: All Canberra Forerunner documents written by me are free to copy, republish and distribute. They are all licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


The following documents contain the teaching covered in this month’s Kingdom Community meetings.
They are transferred at the end of each month to the ARCHIVES section for perpetual access.


“The Wall of Religion” – download 16-7-2017

“DESIRE: Summary” (Peter Dunnet) – download 16-7-2017

“Desire” (‘J’) – download 16-7-2017

“Desire and the Kingdom” (‘J’) – download 16-7-2017

“Advancing the Kingdom” (Welton) – book 16-7-2017

“HOW TO: Disagree in the Kingdom” (Welton) – read 16-7-2017

“Kingdom Resource Mismanagement” – download 9-7-2017

“Preparing for Discipleship” – download 9-7-2017

“Don’t Chase Prophecy” – download 9-7-2017

“Overemphasising Prophecy” – download 9-7-2017

“Live in the New Covenant Reality” – download 9-7-2017

“The Mystery of the Five Realms” (Welton) – read 9-7-2017

“Truths About Our Sin Nature” – download 9-7-2017

“The 10 Points of Reformation Regarding Identity” (Welton) – read 9-7-2017

“It’s Time to Create History, Not Reenact” (Charisma) – read 9-7-2017

Pursuit of the Person” (Terry Bennett)” – audio 11-6-2017
[IMPORTANT part 1:20:00-1:35:00]

“Parables – Wedding and Virgins” – download 9-7-2017

“Experiencing Spiritual Heart Surgery” – download 2-7-2017

“What is Intimacy?” (Tien Nguyen) – download 2-7-2017

“Fear of Intimacy with Jesus” – download 2-7-2017

“The Lord Says, ‘I Am Looking for Lingerers'” (CharismaMag) – read 2-7-2017

“Everything that Makes Heaven Real, Lives in You” (Simmons) – read 2-7-2017

“God’s Mind on Our Desires” – download 2-7-2017