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 COPYRIGHT: All Canberra Forerunner documents written by me are free to copy, republish and distribute. They are all licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


The following documents contain the teaching covered in recent Kingdom Community meetings.
They are transferred each month to the ARCHIVES section for continued access.


“2-Way Agape” – download 25-6-2017

“Know What You Believe and Why” – download 18-6-2017

“Kingdom Benefits from the Preterist Position” – download 18-6-2017

“The Word of God is What the Spirit Gives Us to Speak” – download 18-6-2017

“The Essential Apostolic Building Mandate” – download 18-6-2017

Mature Love” (Brian Simmons)- download 18-6-2017

“Graduation and Commencement”(Stairway) – download 18-6-2017

The Next 5 Years” (Frank Viola) – read 18-6-2017

“A New Species” (‘J’) – download 18-6-2017

“Your Heart’s Desire” (‘J’) – download 18-6-2017

“Embracing the Glory” – download 18-6-2017

“What is Reality?” – download 18-6-2017

“Israel was Divorced by Jesus” – download 11-6-2017

“Toughness Not Roughness” – download 11-6-2017

“The Sword of Elisha” (Charlie Shamp)” – audio 11-6-2017
(You’ll need a FaceBook account to access it)    [only 10:37-53:17]

“Declare to the Earth” (‘J’) – download 11-6-2017 [reposting]

“So Speak” (‘J’) – download 11-6-2017 [reposting]

“Who Wrote This?” – read 11-6-2017
(“The letter that says it all” by Frank Viola)

“My Tithing Blog…Finally!” (Jonathan Welton)- read 11-6-2017

“Nuggets of Truth” (PaulPota) – download 11-6-2017

“Is Matthew 24 About End Times” – download 4-6-2017

“Mixture in the Spirit”download 4-6-2017

“Life-People or Death-People”download 4-6-2017

“Agape Love”download 4-6-2017

“The Shack Revisited: Participants Guide”book 4-6-2017 (free e-book)

“The Genius of the Shack” (Kruger)- read 4-6-2017

God Restores Eyes at a Basketball Game” (Todd White) – video 4-6-2017



This is a series to bring us totally out of legalism, the OC and releases us as New Covenant citizens

“Teaching Series – Topics” – download (list)

“1-How to Identify Legalism” – download (notes)

“Twelve Signs You Are a Modern-Day Pharisee”read (essential background)

“2-Putting the Finger on Iniquity” – download (notes)

“3-The Supa Mareo Process of Spiritual Development” – download (diagram)

“3-The Supa Mareo Process of Spiritual Development” – download (notes)

The Goal is Genuine Sonshipdownload (important  additional revelation)

The New Jerusalem Life” – download (essential background to Supa Mareo diagram)

The Maturity Factor” – download (essential background to Supa Mareo diagram)

“4-What is a Covenant?” (Overview)download (notes)

“4-What is a Covenant?” (Overview) – download (slideshow)

“5-Comparison of Old and New Covenant”download (notes)

Is the New Covenant made between God and Us?download (essential background)

“6-Types and Shadows”download (notes)

7-The Tabernacle: A Shadow of Heavendownload (notes)

8-Biblical Shadows Revealed”download (notes)

Biblical Shadows Revealed – tickbox”download (notes)

“9-Sabbath – Resting in Him”download (notes)

10-Legalism – Living from the Tree of Knowledge”download (notes)

“There were Two Trees in the Garden” (Rick Joyner) – book (free e-book sample)

There were Two Trees in the Garden” (FriendsOfGod.org)download (other notes)

11-The Two Covenants”download (notes)

“The Two Covenants” (Andrew Murray) – book (free e-book)

12-Extravagant Giving: Not Tithing”download (notes)

“13-What about Firstfruits?”download (notes)

“14-Did You Have a Holy Christmas?”download (notes)

“15-The Law and the New Covenant”download (notes)

16-Jesus’ Commandments”download (notes)

The 55 Commandments of Jesus Christ”download

17-Resurgence of Judaism in the Church”download

“DEBATE: Is Replacement Theology Anti Semitic?” (Moody Radio) – audio

18-What does ‘Holy’ Mean”download (notes)

“19-Living Out of Old Covenant Theology – An Example”download (notes)

“20-Vows and Covenants are Killer Legalism – An Example”download (notes)

“21-Freedom to Remain in Religion and Legalism”download (notes)

“22-The Law of Liberty”download (notes)

“23-Come out of Bondage”download (notes)

“24-Signs of a Modern-day Pharisee”download (notes)

“25-The Substitutes for Reality”download (notes)

26-New Covenant Spiritual Warfaredownload (notes)

27-The Fear of the Lord from a Kingdom Perspective” – download  (notes)

28-No Legal Fences Are Required” – download  (notes)

29-So You Think You’re Not Legalistic?” – download  (notes)



This is a series to help us find our gender place and gender role in the Kingdom

“1-How It All Began” – download  (notes)

“2-Adam & Ezer” – download  (notes)



My responses to some questions in ‘The Rapid Kingdom Questionnaire’

“The Rapid Kingdom Questionnaire” – download (May 2015)

16 – What is a worldview” – download

17 – What is your worldview” – download



































Who Has Ears To Hear. Pt 1” (Terry Bennett) audio  10-5-2015