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 COPYRIGHT: All Canberra Forerunner documents written by me are free to copy, republish and distribute. They are all licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

KINGDOM LIVING: Sharing & Teaching from our Kingdom Community

The following documents contain the teaching covered in this month’s Kingdom Community meetings. Some items are what was shared by members.
My teaching documents are transferred at the end of each month to the ARCHIVES section for perpetual access. Shared files are stored in
“Our Sharing” on the Community page.

“The Kingdom Way of Being Radical”  – download 10-2-2019

“Our Kingdom Attitude: ‘Adopted’, not ‘Bought with a Price’”  – download 10-2-2019

“Our Role in Having Our Mind Changed”  – download 10-2-2019

“Rethinking the Kingdom: Good Works” – download 10-2-2019

“RETHINK: The Gospel of Works” (Influent) – youtube 10-2-2019

“The Period of Restoration of All Things” (FreedomARC) – read 10-2-2019

“Radicalization vs. Legalism and Libertinism” (Frank Viola) – audio 10-2-2019

“The Image – Peter’s Journey #6” (Peter Dunnet) – download 3-2-2019

“Limitless, Immortal Beings” (FreedomARC) – read 3-2-2019

      ★“Limitless, Immortal Beings” (FreedomARC) – graphic 3-2-2019 (graphic)

“Permission Granted” (Graham Cooke) – read 3-2-2019

“The King’s Domain” (Frank Viola) – read 3-2-2019

“The Call to Relational Maturity” (David Alley) – read 3-2-2019

“Tradition Blocks Receiving from the Kingdom” (Clay Sykes) – youtube 3-2-2019
(Kingdom Characteristics: Tradition blocks entry 1/16/19  [8:22-21:13])
“Relentlessly Loved” (Graham Cooke) – graphic 3-2-2019 (graphic)

“Joyful Intentionality” (Allison Bown) – book 3-2-2019