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 COPYRIGHT: All Canberra Forerunner documents written by me are free to copy, republish and distribute. They are all licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

TEACHING: Kingdom living teaching from our Kingdom Community gatherings

The following documents contain the teaching covered in this month’s Kingdom Community meetings. Some items are those shared by members.
My teaching documents are transferred at the end of each month to the ARCHIVES section for perpetual access. Files and links shared by members are stored in
“Our Sharing” under the Community page.

“The Purpose of Prophetic Promises” – download 19-1-2020

“How to Move Out of Divine Destiny” – download 19-1-2020

“A Lifetime Characterized by Striving’” – graphic 19-1-2020 (graphic)

“Jesus didn’t say, ‘My sheep will read my book’” – graphic 12-1-2020 (graphic)

“What We Don’t Know About Love” – download 5-1-2020

“Should We Be Offended by Our Society?” – download 29-12-2019

“Changing the Way We Speak in the Kingdom” – download 29-12-2019

“You Still Need to be Able to Communicate in the Kingdom” – download 29-12-2019

“The Kingdom Way to Refer to the Members of the Trinity” – download 29-12-2019

“What is The Lord’s House‘?” – download 29-12-2019

“Did Paul Preach Christ to the Assemblies of Believers?” – download 29-12-2019

“The Call to an Inner Circle Life” – download 22-12-2019

“Abundant Life Comes from the Internal Kingdom” – download 22-12-2019

“Re-forming Christ in Us: Introduction” (Josiah Bennett) – audio 22-12-2019
(‘Acts II and Beyond #1’ Josiah Bennett  [0:00-24:20])

“My Technique To Help Monitor Your Speech” – download 15-12-2019

“Speaking from a Kingdom Paradigm, not a Biblical Paradigm” – download 15-12-2019

“More on this Current Time in the Kingdom (November 2019)” – download 24-11-2019

“The Love of God from a Kingdom Perspective” – download 24-11-2019

“Experiencing Gods Love” (McGatlin) – read 24-11-2019

“The Danger of Mishandling a Wilderness Period” – download 17-11-2019

“How to Be Content in the Kingdom” – download 17-11-2019

“Learning to get into The Presence” – download 17-11-2019

“Hosting the King” – graphic 17-11-2019 (graphic)

“Biblical Imagery is More Important than the Words” (Frank Viola) – audio 17-11-2019
(Insurgence podcast #30  [6:25-14:05])

“What We Have Learnt So Far About Kingdom Evangelism” – download 10-11-2019

“The Effect of the 1st Century Jewish Christians” – download 10-11-2019

“A Deep well of provision is inside you” – graphic 10-11-2019 (graphic)

“Absolute confidence in who God is for you” – graphic 10-11-2019 (graphic)

“Is it More Important to Pray or Listen?” – download 3-11-2019

“Surround yourself with those who are like-minded” – graphic 3-11-2019 (graphic)

“Stop asking people to pray for us” – graphic 3-11-2019 (graphic)

“Our Kingdom Life Should Bring Life to Others” – download 27-10-2019

“The Restoration of Virtue in Society” – download 27-10-2019

“The Infinite Game that is the Kingdom” – download 27-10-2019

“Is it Correct to Invite Jesus into Your Heart” – download 20-10-2019

“On the King’s Mission but Not a Missionary” – download 20-10-2019

“The Kingdom Understanding of Feet Washing” – download 20-10-2019

“’Kingdom First’ Starts with Full Surrender” – download 13-10-2019

“The Kingdom Imperative is to BE, not DO” – download 13-10-2019

     ★“Romper Room do-bee song” – youtube 13-10-2019

“Be a be-doo not a do-bee” – graphic 13-10-2019 (graphic)

“The Functioning of Local Kingdom Ekklesia” – download 6-10-2019

“Kingdom Cells and Real Community” (Frank Viola) – audio 6-10-2019

“Listening with the intent to reply” – graphic 6-10-2019 (graphic)