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 COPYRIGHT: All Canberra Forerunner documents written by me are free to copy, republish and distribute. They are all licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


TEACHING: Kingdom living teaching from our Kingdom Community gatherings

The following documents contain the teaching I have presented in this month’s Kingdom Community gatherings. At the end of each month these documents are transferred to the TEACHING ARCHIVES section for perpetual access. Files and links shared by members are stored in “Our Sharing” under the Community page.

“The Importance of Assembly Teaching”download

“The Knowledge Needed in this New Era of the Kingdom”download


“The Questions We Are Required To Answer” – download 27-9-2020

“We Can Unknowingly Practice Lawlessness” – download 27-9-2020

“Kingdom Assignments are Not Meant to Fail” – download 27-9-2020

“Father never sets us up to fail” – graphic 27-9-2020 (graphic)

“The King’s Presence is Not in Religious Culture and Ritual” – download 27-9-2020

“Heaven’s Supply Requires Kingdom Participation” – download 27-9-2020

“Carry the Gift of Love and Mercy” – download 27-9-2020

“False Humility Does not Overcome Pride” – download 27-9-2020

“Stressing is an Effort in Futility” – download 27-9-2020

“Life’s Challenges Provide Our Most Valuable Assets” – download 27-9-2020

“Not the Time to be Complaisant” – download 27-9-2020

“Covenant-Minded Transactions” – download 20-9-2020

“The Leviathan Spirit” – download 20-9-2020

“Our Conclusion from  Re-evaluating Revelation” – graphic 20-9-2020 (graphic)

RE-POSTING: “We Gather as Sons, Nothing Else” – download 13-9-2020

“Vision of Approval of what’s Happening Now in this New Era of the Kingdom” – download 13-9-2020

“The Secret Knowledge of the Kingdom” – download 13-9-2020

“Our Kingdom Priority” – download 13-9-2020

“Your Most Valuable Asset” – download 13-9-2020

“Seeing is not faith” – download 13-9-2020

“Father’s Work for Us is Perfectly Timed” – download 13-9-2020

“Never Underestimate the Importance of Stillness” – download 13-9-2020

“An Unusual Thing Happened Last Week” – download 6-9-2020

“We are Moving from the Past to the Future” – download 6-9-2020

“There Must be an End of the Old Order” – download 6-9-2020

“Time to Reflect on Your Recent Journey” – download 6-9-2020

“Viewing Circumstances Through the King’s Len” – download 6-9-2020

“Worship is a Face-to-Face Encounter” – download 6-9-2020

“Beauty, Creativity and Excellence” – download 6-9-2020

“Compassion, Generosity and Kindness” – download 6-9-2020

“Success Creates Presumption” – download 6-9-2020

“Carnal Triggers Prevent Victory” – download 6-9-2020

“Our Dependence on Prophecy Must Change” – download 6-9-2020