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It’s important that we understand the times we are in. We can’t follow what we used to do in the church system and IMPORTANT TOPICS: May 2021 – download 2-5-2021hide away in our religion because we were afraid of the evil world around us. We’ve been instructed by our King to impact the world sop the Kingdom expands. Having an understanding of current affairs allows us to talk to others and causes us to keep calm with whatever is happening. Like the ancient men of the tribe of Issachar, knowing the times and the seasons gives us wisdom.

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IMPORTANT TOPICS: May 2021 – download 2-5-2021

IMPORTANT TOPICS: October 2020 – download 4-10-2020

IMPORTANT TOPICS: “September 2020” – download 6-9-2020

“IMPORTANT TOPICS: July 2020” – download 5-7-2020

“IMPORTANT TOPICS: May 2020” – download 3-5-2020

“IMPORTANT TOPICS: April 2020” – download 5-4-2020

“IMPORTANT TOPICS: March 2020” – download 1-3-2020