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Forerunners group meets in the afternoon of the 1st Sunday each month

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In 2007 the Lord our King recognised me as a forerunner for him, but I didn’t understand it at the time. This came through a prophetic word given to me by Peter Kumar ( during one of his Canberra meetings. Peter’s purpose in being sent to Australia was to raise up home-grown forerunners and nation changers to impact our nation.

About 3 years later as I was studying Mike Bickle’s teaching on forerunners I suddenly realised that that was what I had been called to be. I immediately volunteered because Mike’s teaching notes laid out clearly what was expected of me. The first meetings in Canberra started in March 2012.

A forerunner is one who runs ahead of the rest.

I have 2 forerunner functions:
(1) To be at the forefront of what our King is releasing to his people. This comes as prophetic downloads and revelations which are presented to the ekklesia through my teaching and prophetic messages.
(2) To be a herald for the King’s return. In ancient times, the herald ran in front of the king and announced to the people of the towns that the king was coming and for them to get themselves ready.

My Forerunners meetings are a time where I present to interested people updates of what’s happening in the big scheme of things – the world system and the Kingdom.

My job is to challenge people, to ‘kill’ religion & bring the KINGDOM out in them!

Forerunner sessions are designed to cover:

* What’s happening in the Kingdom
* What’s going on in world systems
* Keeping the focus on Last Days
* Challenging beliefs
* But, not to produce fear

I aim to keep everyone focussed on the King, his Kingdom and his return.

Kingdom Teaching is the focus of the 2nd-5th Sunday afternoons each month.

“The general population doesn’t know what’s happening and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.” (Noam Chomsky)



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The following documents contain the teaching presented in the last Forerunner Assembly
They are transferred each month to the PAST section below


“CHALLENGE – Restoration Includes Everything We Love” – download 6-8-2017

“All Things New” (John Eldredge) – book 6-8-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: Some Way-out Doctrines are Based on the Bible” – download 6-8-2017

“The Kingdom is Here Already” (Welton) – video 6-8-2017 [Facebook video]

“END TIMES: Is It Really Getting Worse?” – download 6-8-2017

“The Pendulum Theory of History” – download 6-8-2017

“Noam Chomsky – People don’t know” – download 6-8-2017

“Passion is not the Hallmark of what is Truth” – download 6-8-2017

“The Historist View of Biblical Prophecy” – download 2-7-2017

“Historist – The Two-horned Beast” – download 2-7-2017

“Historist – The Woman and the Child” – download 2-7-2017

“Daniel and The Revelation” (Uriah Smith) – book 2-7-2017 [free e-book]

“CHALLENGE: The Trinity is a Recent Concept” – download 2-7-2017

“Perichoresis” – read 4-6-2017
[Free Trinitarian materials — see links on the RHS]

“POINTS OF INTEREST: 2-7-2017” – download 2-7-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: The Canaanite Gods were Real” – download 2-7-2017

“Another Reason Jesus Came” – download 2-7-2017

“What About the Other Gods” – download 2-7-2017

“Reversing Hermon” (Michael Heiser) – book 4-6-2017

“The Great Inception” (Derek Gilbert) – book 4-6-2017

“The Supernatural War is Real” (SkyWatchTV) – video 2-7-2017



The following documents contain the teaching delivered in past Forerunner Assemblies.

“Is Matthew 24 About End Times” – download 4-6-2017

“Western Climate Change Alarmists…” (Clive James) – read 4-6-2017 [email me]

“Climate Change: The Facts 2017” (IPA) – book 4-6-2017 [book out July]

“CHALLENGE: There was no Calvary” – download 7-5-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: Egyptian First-born Deaths Predicted” – download 7-5-2017

“SCIENCE: Update 7-5-2017” – download 7-5-2017

“END-TIMES: Update 7-5-2017” – download 7-5-2017

“INTERNATIONAL: Update 7-5-2017” – download 7-5-2017

“CHALLENGE: The straight reading of Genesis 1“ – download 2-4-2017

“DID YOU KNOW: The Babel Story is Taught Wrongly“ – download 2-4-2017

“The Great Inception: Introduction“ (Derek Gilbert) – read 2-4-2017

“SCIENCE-Planet X: Fact or Fiction?“ – download 2-4-2017

“The Destroyer is coming” (Unleavened Bread) – read 2-4-2017

“A Kingdom View of Economic Collapse“ (Wayne Mullens) – download 2-4-2017

CHALLENGE: Could the Mark of the Beast be an Attitudedownload 5-3-2017

Mark of the Beast” (Israel Study Center) – video 5-3-2017

DID YOU KNOW: The Person of the AntiChrist has Come & Gonedownload 5-3-2017

Number of the Beast – 616 or 666?” (Israel Study Center) – video 5-3-2017

POINTS OF INTEREST: 5-3-2017download 5-3-2017

END TIMES: Update 5-3-2017download 5-3-2017

Holy Temple Myth Busters: Part II” (The Temple Institute) – video 5-3-2017

INTERNATIONAL: Update 5-3-2017download 5-3-2017

SCIENCE: Update 5-3-2017download 5-3-2017

“NOAA Scientist Questions Fundamental Climate Change Dataread (essential reading)

CHALLENGE: The Bible has NOT been a Set Number of Booksdownload 5-2-2017

DID YOU KNOW: Binding & Loosing is about Making Rulesdownload 5-2-2017

Binding and Loosing 1st Century Style” (Israel Study Center) – video 5-2-2017

POINTS OF INTEREST: 5-2-2017download 5-2-2017

END TIMES: Update 5-2-2017download 5-2-2017

Holy Temple Myth Busters: Part I” (The Temple Institute) – video 5-2-2017

SCIENCE: Update 5-2-2017download 5-2-2017

“Revisiting Reality: A Biblical Look into the Cosmos” (Anthony Patch) – book 5-2-2017 [e-book]

“Revisiting Reality” (Anthony Patch) – video 5-2-2017 [trailer]

Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bibledownload 4-12-2016

“The Unseen Realm” (Michael Heiser) – book 4-12-2016 [e-book sample]

CHALLENGE: The Locusts of Revelation 9download 4-12-2016

DID YOU KNOW: Armageddon means ‘The Mountain of Invasion’download 4-12-2016

“END TIMES: Update 4-12-2016”download 4-12-2016

“INTERNATIONAL: Update 4-12-12016”download 4-12-2016

The Book of Enoch” (SkywatchTV) – video 4-12-2016

The Sin of the Watchers” (SkywatchTV) – video 4-12-2016

The Watchers and the Origins of Evil” (SkywatchTV) – video 4-12-2016

DID YOU KNOW: The 4th horse of the Apocalypse is greendownload 6-11-2016

“END TIMES: Update 6-11-2016”download 6-11-2016

“INTERNATIONAL: Update 6-11-12016”download 6-11-2016

“Trump: God’s Chaos Candidate” (Lance Wallnau) – video 6-11-2016 [4:50-15:20]

“US Media Hides WW3 Crisis From Public” (InfoWars) – video 6-11-2016 [9:30-16:25]

“The State of America Theology Study 2016” (Ligonier Ministries)download 6-11-2016
[Or ask me for a copy]

The Gates of the Gods – part 1” (SkyWatchTV) – read   6-11-2016

“CHALLENGE: Is Supporting Israel Today Biblicaldownload 2-10-2016

DID YOU KNOW: Mary Magdalene was never a prostitutedownload 2-10-2016

“END TIMES: Update 2-10-2016”download 2-10-2016

AUSTRALIA NOW: 2-10-2016download 2-10-2016

“INTERNATIONAL: Update 2-10-12016”download 2-10-2016

“CHALLENGE: The World Hasn’t Been Gradually Getting Worse!download 4-9-2016

“INTERNATIONAL: Update 4-9-2016”download 4-9-2016

MINDSHIFT – The Rapture for Dummies” (Lou Comunale) – video 4-9-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: Righteousness Doesn’t Exalt a Nation”download 7-8-2016

“END TIMES: Update 7-8-2016”download 7-8-2016

Israel’s Sanhedrin takes on UN” (WND)read 7-8-2016

Fairy or Demon Locust? ” (SkyWatchTV News) – video 7-8-2016

The Prophecies of Cumaean Sibyl” (Jim Bakker Show) – video 7-8-2016

“CHALLENGE: God’s Generational Curses Don’t Exist Any More”download 3-7-2016

“Breaking Christian Curses” (Dennis Cramer) – book 3-7-2016

“END TIMES: Update 3-7-2016”download 3-7-2016

“INTERNATIONAL: Update 3-7-2016”download 3-7-2016

“BOOKS: 3-7-2016”download 3-7-2016

World War 3: The Looming Gog and Magog Prophecy” (NowYouSeeTV) – video 3-7-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: Baptism is a Loyalty Oath”download 5-6-2016

“CHALLENGE: The Biblical Story is About the Restoration of Family Business”download 5-6-2016

“END TIMES: Update 5-6-2016”download 5-6-2016

“INTERNATIONAL: Update 5-6-2016”download 5-6-2016

“A European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance”read 5-6-2016 (European Parliament)

“The Final Roman Emperor (Part 1)” (SkyWatchTV) – video 5-6-2016

“The Politically Incorrect Guide series” – book 5-6-2016 (paperback)

“The Politically Incorrect Guide series” – book 5-6-2016 (e-book)

“Outlasting the Gay Revolution” (Michael Brown) – book 5-6-2016

“7 Mountain Mandate Opposition”download 1-5-2016

“END TIMES: Update 1-5-2016”download 1-5-2016

“INTERNATIONAL: 1-5-2016”download 1-5-2016

“Rebuild Temple Moves Closer to Reality” (PNW) – read 1-5-2016

“Major Rabbi Predicts Messiah’s Return Soon” (BIN) – read 1-5-2016

“The Temple of Baal will be Erected in Times Square” (PNW) – read 1-5-2016

“The Davids are Coming” (Clay Sikes) – read 1-5-2016

“War From The Garden Out” (Lance Wallnau) – video 1-5-2016

“3 Secrets To Dream Manifestations” (Lance Wallnau) – video 1-5-2016

“God Without Religion: Can it really be that simple?” (Andrew Farley) – book 1-5-2016 (free e-book sample)

“Jesus Without Religion” (Rick James) – book 1-5-2016 (free e-book sample)

“More Jesus, Less Religion: Moving from rules to relationship” (Stephen Arterburn) – book 1-5-2016 (free e-book sample)

“Jesuit Pope Francis Uniting with Rick Warren and Joel Osteen” ( – video 1-5-2016

“End-Time Church and The Baal Gates” (Terry Bennett) – video 1-5-2016
(“2016 Hidden In Christ Conference – 1/4” [1:25-15:00])

“END TIMES: Update 3-4-2016”download 3-4-2016

“Angel Gabriel Reveals Our Future”download 3-4-2016 (transcript of Prophecy Club file)

“Angel Gabriel Reveals Our Future” (Terry Bennett at The Prophecy Club Radio) – video 3-4-2016

“An angel reveals the fate of two nations” (Terry Bennett) – video 3-4-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: Some Ancient Historical Facts?”download 3-4-2016

“The Noahide Laws”download 3-4-2016

“Ancient Post-Flood History: Historical Documents that Point to Biblical Creation” (Ken Johnson) – book 3-4-2016 (e-book or paperback)

“Unwrapping the Pharaohs: How Egyptian Archaeology Conforms the Biblical Timeline” (Ken Johnson) – book 3-4-2016 (hardcover only)

“CHALLENGE: Israel is not Genuine Israel”download 6-3-2016

“DID YOU KNOW: Little Known Bible Facts”download 6-3-2016

“END TIMES: Update 6-3-2016”download 6-3-2016

“INTERNATIONAL: Update 6-3-2016”download 6-3-2016

“2016 and Beyond” (Peter Kumar) – video 6-3-2016

“The Conflicts of Stewardship Wisdom”download 6-3-2016

“Stewardship Repentance in the Divine Economy” (Chris Anderson) – read 6-3-2016

“Flight From Babylon (Chris Anderson) – read 6-3-2016
(“The Coming Salvation From The Works Of Collective Society”)

“Storm Harvest Newsletter March 2016 (Mario Liu) – read 6-3-2016
(“God’s revelations on USA Presidential Campaign”)

CHALLENGE: Creation wasn’t Perfect” – download 7-2-2016

KINGDOM: Dealing with Uncertainty” – download 7-2-2016

END TIMES: Current Moves to One-World System” – download 7-2-2016

INTERNATIONAL: Update 7-2-2016″ – download 7-2-2016

“The Pope Video: Inter-religious Dialogue” (Vatican) – video 7-2-2016

“‘Climate criminal’ blows whistle: It’s just about the money” (Radio America) – audio 7-2-2016

“UPDATE: End Times 6-12-2015” – download 6-12-2015

“Is World War III coming soon?” (WND) – read 6-12-2015

“Gen Wesley Clark Reveals US Plan To Invade Iraq Syria Lebanon” – video 6-12-2015

“Will the Dollar Die this Fall” (Bob Fraser) – video 6-12-2015

“CHALLENGE: Genesis, Adam & Eve” – download 1-11-2015

“UPDATE: End Times 1-11-2015” – download 1-11-2015

“The Complete History of the House of Rothschild” – read 1-11-2015

“Obama ‘took the wrong side’ on climate change” (Fox News) – read 1-11-2015

“Four Ticking Global Time-Bombs Few Even Hear” (Charles Smith) – read 1-11-2015

“Gene-editing scientists ready to play God” (WND) – read 1-11-2015

“Ben Carson clarifies views on gay marriage” (WND) – video 1-11-2015

“The Money Masters” (Bill Still) – video 1-11-2015

“The Money Masters” (Bill Still) – DVD  1-11-2015 (Not available yet)

“Breaking Christian Curses” (Dennis Cramer) – book 1-11-2015 (free e-book)

“Israel at War” (Joel Rosenberg) – book 1-11-2015 ($2.84 e-book from Amazon)

“Israel at War” (Joel Rosenberg) – book 1-11-2015 (sample)

“CHALLENGE: Is Holy Spirit The Kingdom?” – download 4-10-2015

“The Holy Spirit Is Not The Kingdom” – download 4-10-2015

“Kingdom Worldview For The Nation” – download 4-10-2015

“END-TIMES: Update 4-10-2015” – download 4-10-2015

“UPDATE: News Articles 4-10-2015” – download 4-10-2015

“The Babylon Code” (Paul McGuire) – book 4-10-2015 (e-book)

“Technocracy Rising” (Patrick M. Wood) – book 4-10-2015 (e-book)

“Technocracy Rising” – read 4-10-2015 (website)

“Technocracy Rising – Book overview” (Patrick M. Wood) – video 4-10-2015

“Technocracy Rising – Interview pt1” (Patrick M. Wood) – video 4-10-2015

“Technocracy Rising – Interview pt2” (Patrick M. Wood) – video 4-10-2015

“Technocracy Rising – Interview pt3” (Patrick M. Wood) – video 4-10-2015

“A Kingdom View of Economic Collapse” (Praying Medic) – download 6-9-2015

“A Kingdom View of Economic Collapse” (Praying Medic) – download 6-9-2015

“UPDATE: News Articles 6-9-2015” – download 6-9-2015

“END TIMES: Update 6-9-2015” – download 6-9-2015

“Message from Jonathan Cahn August 2015” (Jonathan Cahn) – video 6-9-2015

“Is everything you know about 2nd Coming wrong?” (WND) – read 6-9-2015

“Red Heifer Born” (The Temple Institute) – video 6-9-2015

“DIG – Season 1” – read 6-9-2015 (3rd Temple TV series)

“TESTIMONY: Matias Grew 13 cm” – download 6-9-2015

“Jesus Restored Humanity to Dominion – download 6-9-2015

“The Church is Not a Social Club” – download 6-9-2015

“Where is the Prophetic Voice – in Music?” (Ray Watson) – read 6-9-2015 (Scroll down the webpage)

“CHALLENGE: Who was the New Covenant Made Between?” – download 2-8-2015

“END TIMES: World War Update” – download 2-8-2015

“Final Warning” (Carl Gallups) – video 2-8-2015 [trailer only]

“UPDATE – News Articles 2-8-2015” – download 2-8-2015

“CHALLENGE: Who’s the god of this World?” – download 5-7-2015

“The God of this Age isn’t who you think” (Jonathan Welton) – read 5-7-2015

“Some Shocking Beliefs of Augustine” – read 5-7-2015

“It’s About to Happen Very Soon” – read 5-7-2015

“UPDATE: Global Changes” – download 5-7-2015

“Disagree At Your Peril” (Jason Morrison) – read 5-7-2015 [Editorial in 4th July edition, page 31]

“International Update (5-7-2015)” – download 5-7-2015

“The world is defenceless against the next financial crisis” – read 5-7-2015

“Is The Price Of Gold Really Headed Above $19,000?” – read 5-7-2015

“The Market and China’s Massive Gold Hoard” (Stephen Leeb) audio  5-7-2015

“The Gold and Silver Takedown” (Andrew Maguire) audio  5-7-2015

“INTERNATIONAL: Update (7-6-2015)” – download 7-6-2015

“END TIMES: Middle East Update (7-6-2015)” – download 7-6-2015

“The Final Reckoning: BLACK OCTOBER 2015” (Larry Edelson) – read 7-6-2015

“As Things Stand – Israel Update March 2015” (Malcolm Hedding) – read 7-6-2015

“Destination Jerusalem Prophecy and the Rise of ISIS” (CBN TV) – video 7-6-2015

“The mechanism for a shift to a homosexual society” – download 3-5-2015

“Jonathan Cahn: Follow Baal and Go to Hell” (YouTube) – video 3-5-2015

“Christians facing new status as ‘hated minority'” (WND) – read 3-5-2015

“Hillary – Change religious beliefs of nation” (WND) – read 3-5-2015

“Crackdown on Christians triggers exodus from military” (WND) – read 3-5-2015

“Is this Obama’s declaration of war on Christian schools” (WND) – read 3-5-2015

“Gay Group Demands Christian Churches Be SHUT DOWN” (TopRightNews) – read 3-5-2015

“Rush Limbaugh: 12th Imam like Antichrist” (WND) – read 3-5-2015

“The Mideast Beast: Beck And Richardson Discuss The Islamic Anti-Christ” (YouTube) – video 3-5-2015

“The Islamic Antichrist” (John Burton) – book 3-5-2015

“King Abdullah’s Death Fulfills End-Time Prophecies Say Shiites” (The Trumpet) – read 1-3-2015

“Obama Withholding Intel From Netanyahu” (WND) – read 1-3-2015

“Rubio To Colleagues: Don’t Boycott Netanyahu Speech, Israel Deserves Our Support” – video 1-3-2015

“Prayers to God in Wrong Spot?” (WND) – read 1-3-2015

“Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews” (WND) – read 1-3-2015

“Temple: Amazing New Discoveries that Change Everything About the Location of Solomon’s Temple” (WND) – read 1-3-2015

“Shocking Beliefs of John Wesley” (Frank Viola) – read 1-3-2015

“Your Second Brain is in your Heart Neurons” ( – read 1-3-2015

“Transplanting Memories – 1/4” – video 1-3-2015

“10 Key Events That Preceded The Last Financial Crisis That Are Happening Again RIGHT NOW” (Snyder) – read 1-2-2015

“25 Mind-Blowing Ways Society Is About To Completely Change” (Kirsten) – read 1-2-2015

“2015 the Hebrew year 5775” (Lance Wallnau) – download 1-2-2015

“Top 6 Geopolitical Predictions for 2015” (Abdelnour) – read 1-2-2015

“Forecast 2015 — Life in the Breakdown Lane” (Kunstler) – read 1-2-2015

“Debunking Blood Moon Myths” (John Alley) – online-video 19-10-2014

“Revelation and the Beast” (John Alley) – online-video 19-10-2014

Earlier Forerunner sessions from 2012 are mixed in with Archive files